Why does my beagle bite me?

Biting is almost always translated into aggression when it comes to different types of dog breeds. However, contrary to what many believe, this is not always the case. There are many reasons why dogs bite and this often differs from one dog type to another.

The first thing you should take into consideration when discovering why your dog bites, is their nature. If you are a beagle, then you’d know that they are great family dogs because they are gentle and even-tempered. In fact, if you train them well, then you can even take advantage of them being naturally scent hounds. It is also because of this reason that they seem to have endless energy and playfulness. One can even say that they thrive in doing intensive activities. If they don’t, it is easier for them to be a little bit on the destructive side which includes chewing and at other times, biting.

Biting doesn’t always translate to aggression when it comes to your beagle. This is brought about by their instinct and sometimes, just boredom. You will notice that even if your beagle sometimes bites you, you’d find no ill-intent to it. In fact, although this brings uncomfortable pressure at times, an actual bite wound is almost always absent from the equation. This is one of the tell-tale signs that your baby doesn’t really have the intention to hurt you. Of course, this could be different when they are faced with strangers who they see as a threat to their territory, if not family. You’ll find that your beagle bites because of a variety of reasons including teething, anxiety, they are feeling threatened, or they are feeling pain. 


This occurs frequently especially when they are still young pups (8 months and below). This could also happen for pups that are above 8 months sometimes, depending on their rate of development. Like babies who are just developing teeth, they bite to ease their discomfort. This could easily be addressed by buying them teething toys.


You’ll find that anxiety could also trigger instinctual bitings among beagles. This is most especially if they are feeling a little bit clingy and are not used to being left alone. If this is the case, it would do you good to let your doggo go through training for its confidence and well-being, and yours as well.

Threatened or Unwell

Beagles are just like any other dogs that bite when threatened or when they are in pain. This is a natural reaction even if beagles are usually even-tempered. If you think your beagle is biting aggressively, then might as well trace the root cause of this aggression. It could be just it is feeling territorial because of a stranger or it has been hurt during your walk outside. The former often manifests when beagles were not trained to be social. It is also possible that they are feeling under the weather and simply just don’t know how to communicate it. Observe your beagle. There may be a need to bring it to the vet soon if the situation doesn’t get better especially if your beagle is normally friendly.

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