How do I get my beagle to stop barking?

Beagles are notorious for being loud. This is their way of communicating with you and to get your attention. Beagles bark for various reasons – they can be hungry, lonely, bored, want to play or go outside. They bark when they see another dog or animal or when something unusual or someone unfamiliar is approaching. They bark a lot to the point that it gets annoying.

Barking is part of their instinct but it can become such a nuisance when done at inappropriate times. When this happens, you can put him inside his crate or move your Beagle to a quiet spot in the house so that he won’t be easily distracted. When he’s in his crate, make sure that he feels comfortable. You can put toys, puzzles, and treats to keep him entertained. You can also cover his crate with your shirt or pillowcase, something that has your scent on so that he can feel that you’re close by. When your beagle barks, ignore him. Don’t let him out of his crate. Don’t show any emotion whether positive or negative when he begins barking. No matter how long he barks, you’ve got to ignore him for him to realize that he’s not getting the attention that he wants. It would also help if you tire him out with exercise. Go on an extra walk for 20 minutes so that he’ll feel more relaxed when you take him indoors.

Alternatively, when your beagle starts barking, you can also redirect his attention to something else like his favorite toy. You can also do this by giving him other things to do like fetching his toy. Your Beagle will quiet down when he’s busy.

Another way of training your Beagle to stop barking is by teaching the Bark and Quiet commands. Observe what triggers his barking behavior. To teach the Bark command, create a scenario that triggers his barking. For example, knock on the door. When your Beagle barks, praise him for doing so and rub his belly. You can also give him a treat. Continue practicing until he learns to bark at your command. Once he has mastered this, you can teach the Quiet command. Have your Beagle bark and give him a treat as a reward. While he’s eating his treat, say “Quiet”. When he’s done chewing, gently close his mouth and say “Quiet” again. Then, give your Beagle another treat for being quiet. Repeat this technique until he learns to be quiet upon your command. Then alternate the Bark and Quiet commands until they become instilled in him and you can ask him to be quiet when he’s barking for no valid reason.

The key to getting your beagle to stop barking is in giving him rewards, praises, and affection. Be patient in training him to listen to you and follow your commands and you’ll have a well-behaved Beagle.

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