How often should you walk a Beagle?

Walking your dog has plenty of advantages not only on their physical health but on their mental and social well-being as well. For one, walking helps train your furbaby to be social so that they won’t just attack anyone and they could get along better not only with humans but other of their kinds as well. It also provides your pets with the regular exercise they need. Before you get started, however, you should bear in mind that different dog breeds require different amounts of physical activities and this includes walking.

If you have a beagle, you would expect that it needs intensive exercises on a daily basis. Beagles are good trackers and hunters by nature and are gifted with high energy levels that help them out at such tasks. Beagle human parents need to help them release this energy because otherwise, their furbaby could be a little destructive. And yes – broken furniture, personal stuff, overturned trash could be in your immediate future.

If you have an adult beagle, then going for a walk with them at least twice a day is ideal. Each walk could at least be 20 to 30 minutes at a brisk pace. But while adult beagles could enjoy long walks at a time, you should also be alert and watchful that these walks would not make your beagle exhausted and out of breath. You should ensure to set a pace that would make your beagle keep up and not push it to its limits. Be alert also on what your beagle is communicating. If along your walks, your beagle started lagging behind, then this could mean that it already has enough for the day and you should consider ending the activity. After all, not all beagles have the same stamina although this can be developed through regular walking and other activities.

The exercise you plan if your beagle is still a puppy, usually 18 months and below, should not be as intensive as what an adult beagle should get. The rationale behind this is that over-exercising them can harm the normal bone growth of a beagle puppy. At a young age, you could just let your pup play with toys or just let it explore on a leash a few minutes a day if you do not have a backyard where it can roam freely. As it grows older, you can begin taking your pups at short walks once a day. Note that it is not recommended for beagle pups to be exposed in public if it hasn’t completed its vaccines yet. So this is another consideration before you start walking your beagle pup.

You will see also that as your beagle ages, you’d need to amend your routine as needed. For instance, senior beagles might not anymore withstand long walks daily that take a lot of time. As such, you need to adjust your routine to accommodate their needs and capacity.

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