How fast can a Beagle run?

Beagles are an athletic breed of dog. They have high levels of energy and stamina. They require daily physical exercise to keep them fit and healthy. One of the most recommended form of physical exercises for your Beagle is running. It is good for his heart and muscles and will help release his pent up energy. Mind you, Beagles can run really fast so make sure you’re up to it or they’ll outrun you. The adult Beagle can run as fast as 20 mph while the average speed for humans is 7 mph. However, Beagles are not built for long-distance running. It is best to have your Beagle run for about 3 miles then have him rest and always keep him hydrated. Stop when you see your Beagle showing signs of fatigue. If you want to run longer distances with your dog, you can gradually build up his endurance so that your Beagle can accompany you on longer runs. Remember, the amount of your Beagle’s running exercise will still depend on your Beagle’s health, size, and gender.

Beagles do love to run, just make sure that they are fit for running and the surroundings are safe for them to do so. Take note that Beagles are hound dogs and would follow scents that catch their attention. If they are off-leash, they might dash off and disappear quickly in their quest to follow the scent so always keep an eye on your dog. You can take your Beagle out for a run once or twice a week but keep it short so you don’t overexert him. Enough running exercise will make your Beagle fit, strong, and happy.

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