How to get my Beagle to quit whining?

Whining among dogs can be equated to crying. It has a heartbreaking sound that can induce panic to the dog owners. Couple it to a beagle’s droopy ears and soulful eyes, this is a scene that is hard to ignore. In fact, you’d even want to go out of your way just to ensure this will happen again because just hearing the sound can be worrisome. But while there are ways to stop your beagle in making such a noise, it is important first to trace the source.

One common reason why your beagle whines is because they are feeling anxious. Your doggo may be experiencing anxiety when they are separated from you even for a short time. This is normal given that they tend to be clingy to their owners most of the time. However, this can also pose as a bigger problem when not addressed early on. If you think that your beagle whines because of being separated from you, then it will do you good to train it to be left alone when necessary. One way to stop your beagle from whining is by not treating it as a baby and always giving in to its whims. Granted, it can be upsetting at times, but if your beagle sees that you are not as firm in telling it to stay as you leave your home, then he’ll use this to his advantage to get what he wants. You can help him out by leaving a radio or a tv on as you leave the house. The sound that would come from it will give the impression to your beagle that he was not left alone in the house.

There are times when your beagle whines because he is bored or he wants your attention. If this is the case, then it is important also to not give in until he stops. This communicates to your dog that whining is not a good way to get him what he wants. It can be annoying to ignore it at times, but responding to its every sound will not do you good in a long run. This will just give your beagle the impression that it trained you to respond. Note that beagles are very intelligent dog breeds. They are very sensitive of their surroundings which they will use to their advantage.

Like any humans, there are also instances when your beagle whines because he is feeling unwell. If his cries are accompanied by the lack of appetite and your pet looking lethargic, then a trip to the vet may be in order. There is no harm in ensuring that your furbaby is well and healthy at all times. Also, the vet could help you figure out why your beagle is whining and could recommend possible solutions to make it stop.

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