What makes a beagle drool when outside?

Beagles drool when they have excess saliva in their mouth. This can be normal for some dogs but it could also be a symptom of underlying health issues for some.

Possible reasons for your Beagle drooling outside could be cooling off during exercise, seeing food or motion sickness if you’re out in a car with your buddy. Your Beagle cools himself off by panting during exercise. He needs to cool off because all the body movement causes his body to become hot. This is when you will notice that your dog breathes heavily and pants. This can cause drooling as he expels saliva with each heavy breath and it drips down his mouth. If there is excessive drooling due to exercise, it can be a sign of exhaustion. Give your Beagle a break, let him have a rest under a shaded area and offer him a cold drink of water. This will help keep him hydrated. Your Beagle can also drool when he sees food especially when he is already hungry and his stomach is empty. This is his body’s natural reaction to food. The saliva in his mouth contains enzymes that will help him break down and swallow the food that he’s about to eat. Some Beagles drool in the car due to motion sickness. Their nausea causes them to produce excess saliva. You can help your dog feel better during car rides by putting him in a position where he can see out of the window. If you’re travelling for a long time, give him time to rest by pulling over to a safe area. Give him time to stretch his legs, give him water, and just let him regain his orientation before continuing with your journey. You can offer to give him dry crackers before letting him ride the car. The crackers will help neutralize his stomach acids and keep his nausea at bay.

Excessive drooling is a different matter and could be a symptom of periodontal disease, infection, cysts or tumors. If you notice that your pet exhibits excessive drooling, you should have him checked by the vet to determine underlying conditions.

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