How much should a Beagle eat?

Among the greatest concerns of dog owners is whether they are providing their pet doggos the right nutrition through the food they eat. This is just valid especially since this is where the energy, growth, and health of their furbabies are highly dependent on. If you have a beagle, then you’d want to know if you are on the right track. This is most especially since beagles are prone to obesity that could lead to many other illnesses if you do not watch their diet.

There are a lot of considerations when planning the nutrition of your beagle. Among the factors include their age, weight, and the activities they participate in. If you already have an adult beagle, then 3 times a day feeding is ideal. While some beagle-owners opt to feed their furbaby manufactured dog food, there are also those who stick with home-cooked food. The latter is still the best choice for your doggos especially if you are preparing them food with the right amount of nutrition.

If you have a beagle that is still a puppy, then it would benefit from feeding it often. Their mother’s milk is still the best if they are only a few weeks old. Slowly, solid food should be introduced mixed with milk until they can already take solid food alone. You can choose to free-feed your beagle especially if it is still very young and just gradually reduce the frequency of feeding as it reaches its adulthood (normally after 1 year). As a growing puppy, your beagle would need an average of 55 calorie for every pound of its weight daily. This should be increased to 675 to 920 calories if your pup already reached its adulthood to be adjusted depending on whether or not it engages in intensive activities or exercises on a daily basis. Do you have a senior beagle? Then expect that its calorie requirements would be a lot less compared to a normal adult beagle.

In feeding your beagle, you could choose from different types. If you are going to opt for manufactured dog food, the serving differs from the brand to brand. But usually, there is a serving suggestion on the packaging on how much your beagle should receive also depending on  its weight and activity. You can get the per day requirement of your dog and just divide it into three meals per day. Note that it doesn’t need to be a pure home-cooked meal for your beagle or pure manufactured food. You could interchange per meal as long as your beagle gets the right amount of nutrition.

How much you feed your beagle is important because not only does it affect your pet’s physical well-being, but its mental and emotional health as well. The secret is always the right balance and discipline for your beagle. If you think it is not enough and your furbaby continues to thin or fatten visibly amid the diet you set, then you may also need to consider getting it checked by a vet.

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