Is The Bite Force of a Chihuahua Strong?

Is The Bite Force of a Chihuahua Strong?

The small size of a Chihuahua will cause you to wonder what type of a dog bite force it has. Is the Chihuahua bite force pressure enough to actually hurt you? What is its bite strength? Does it have a strong bite that could cause significant damage?

Accidents do happen. Even if they don’t, Chihuahuas naturally have a feisty personality which could lead to them feeling aggressive towards you for one reason or another.

While many find it cute rather than threatening when Chihuahuas start baring their small teeth, it brings forth the concern on whether or not one should actually be concerned. We’re going to validate that here.

General Information on a Chihuahua


The history of a Chihuahua could be traced to the Toltec civilization in Mexico. No one could tell how they got there but there are those who claim that they arrived in Mexico as a result of trade.

Chihuahuas are known to have descended from the Techichi of the Toltecs. This dog breed is said to be mute and looks a lot like a Chihuahua considering its physical features. The size of Techichi dogs is believed to be bigger than the modern-day Chihuahuas.

The size of the Chihuahuas we know nowadays was attributed to the Mayan civilization. It was deduced to be a product of the breeding between the Techichi and a smaller dog breed.

At one point in history, the line of the Chihuahua is believed to have disappeared especially after the conquest of the Spaniards. However, this has been proven to be not true due to the rediscovery of this tiny dog breed in Chihuahua, Mexico. Thus, its name.

Physical Appearance

Chihuahua is the tiniest breed of dog. Its size is perhaps one of the reasons for its never-ending popularity over the years. It is also the reason why it tends to be one of the top choices of companion dogs around because it could easily fit into a home of any size.

While other dog breeds would need a spacious home with a yard, a Chihuahua dog breed would be happy in an average size apartment. As long as it has enough space to roam around, said accommodation would be more than enough for it.

A standard Chihuahuas only grows up 6 to 9 in tall and weighs anywhere between 3 to 6 lb. Some even grow way smaller and they are called the Teacup Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas eyes are normally big and black. They have noses that are usually dark-colored too. They have standing, pointy ears topping their heads.

The Chihuahuas’ body is compact and tiny. They have mini legs and little paws. Their heads could vary into three major types – apple-head, deer-head, and pear-head. The latter is not as popular as the former two but trust that a Chihuahua with this head is equally adorable too.

Chihuahuas could either have a short, smooth coat or a silky long one. The colors of said coats are normally solid black, fawn, white, red, and tan. But there are Chihuahuas whose coats could come with two or more combinations of the aforementioned colors. Chihuahuas could come with markings too.

The coat of a Chihuahua is effective in providing them protection against normal weather conditions. But too extreme weather would require them an additional layer of protection.

Chihuahua Dog Breed as a Companion Dog

Chihuahua as a whole makes a good pet. Its size is one thing, but it won’t work without it having a superb temperament.

Chihuahuas could be the best little darlings you could ever meet especially if they have been trained and socialized from a young age. This makes them good companions even if there are kids around.

The innately playful personality of Chihuahuas makes them amazing playmates to kids. But utmost caution needs to be exercised since their small bodies make them very fragile. They might not survive a high fall which could happen when kids carelessly lift them during playtime.

It is without a doubt that Chihuahuas are loyal and devoted dogs as well. They may be small but nothing could stop them from giving their fur parents a humongous amount of love and affection.

You will rarely see them not being the little shadows of their dog owners because they want to always be there for them. They even adjust from their high-energy personalities when needed to give comfort to their favorite humans.

It should be noted though that Chihuahuas, like other breeds of dogs, are not perfect also. They are known to have feisty personalities and a tendency to be aggressive.

While most dog owners find this not too concerning, it raises the question of whether these behaviors of them should be treated seriously and with more caution, especially since this could lead to biting.

Power of a Chihuahua bite force

A Chihuahua is a small dog but there is no underestimating its bite force. It may not exceed that of the Pit Bulls bite force nor that of the German Shepherd and the Malinois bite force pressure, but it could still cause damage having an average PSI of 140.

This is not a far cry from the bite force of a human at 162 PSI!

It should be noted, however, that the bite force of Chihuahua had not always been recognized as such. It was initially overstated and was believed to be over 3500 PSI which even exceeds the bite force of any larger dog. The discrepancy was attributed to the unit of measure use which was not likely pounds per square inch or PSI.

The Chihuahua bite force PSI may not really be the strongest PSI bite around, but know that there had already been previously reported Chihuahua bite fatalities. The momentum of a Chihuahua as it springs at you, combined with targeting one of your most vulnerable parts could do this.

Chihuahuas are not known to be naturally aggressive. Thus, it was a bit surprising that many owners consider it as such. In fact, Chihuahua bite statistics even show that it is among the top dog breeds known to be susceptible to biting.

When Should You Be Concern About A Chihuahuas Bite

A dog bite normally has a negative connotation. It is always directly related to pain and injuries. Sometimes, it is even associated with fatalities.

However, this is not always the case. The tendency of a Chihuahua to bite is not always intentional and does not only happen when it is feeling aggressive. Sometimes, it is but accidental.

For instance, there is such thing as a play bite. This often happens during playtime or when a Chihuahua is being playful. Instead of grabbing for that toy bone or that rope you are holding, it could accidentally grab your hand with its mouth. It could also happen that it considers your hand as among its chew toys, thus, the biting and the chewing.

Despite the Chihuahua bite, however, it is noticeable that in the above cases, the Chihuahua bite pressure is not that hard nor intense. This is because the Chihuahua has no intention to actually hurt or cause damage. Instead, it was just getting carried away by the intensity of the game it is playing with its favorite human.

Another unintentional Chihuahua bite is the one arising from a teething Chihuahua. Like a small child, it also looks for ways to provide relief to its aching gums. Thus, it tends to find chew toys. When these are not possible, they resort to the next best thing which is the finger or the hand of its fur parent.

Likewise, since there is no pain intended, you will not likely feel such. But this doesn’t mean that the feeling would be comfortable.

Although the above-mentioned types of bites do not mean harm, it doesn’t mean that you have to let them go on. They may make your fur baby look cute but this could also lead to the development of bad habits that won’t look as cute when it is already a fully adult dog.

What dog owners could do to address this is to not tolerate the above habits. When your Chihuahua starts treating your hand as a chew toy, remove it immediately. It would help if you’d give it an alternative such as a chew bone, dog rope, or other similar toys.

When you repeatedly do this, your Chihuahua would soon realize what is acceptable from not. It would also refrain from duplicating bad habits which may carry on up to its adulthood.

Nevertheless, neither the play bite nor the teething bite would be something to be worried about. What one should be concerned about is the Chihuahua bite arising from aggression.

Factors Causing an Aggressive Chihuahua Bite

Contrary to what many believe, Chihuahuas bare their sharp teeth not only for show. They normally do this to warn you not to step on the line further.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Chihuahuas are innately aggressive. Although there are instances when their aggression is fueled by their genetic make-up, there are other reasons that contribute to their urge to give a nasty bite. Some of them are listed below.

Chihuahuas are feeling maternal aggression

Maternal aggression is most common among those Chihuahua females who have recently given birth. They are normally protective of their litter and could act aggressively and bite if they deem you as a threat.

This is why you should set your boundaries if you have this type of Chihuahua. You should not be just picking up their puppies especially if you see your Chihuahua guiding them closely, More so, remove the puppies from the vicinity of their mother Chihuahua.

If you start hearing the mother Chihuahua growl as you approach their young, you should already think twice before touching its puppies because there is a high probability that it would bite you.

Chihuahuas are feeling territorial

Chihuahuas may be small doggos but they have the capability of acting way larger than they are. In fact, they don’t even have qualms claiming the title “Alpha” if they know they can and you let them believe such.

It is for this reason that they may act aggressively and bite. It is their way of claiming things as their own, whether it is as simple as a corner in the house, its toys, or even its food.

They simply don’t want anybody else, including other animals or humans, to be claiming what they deem as their own. If their claim is threatened, they will not hesitate to get wild and bite you as their way of contesting your power.

Chihuahuas are unwell or in pain

If your Chihuahua is not really the type that is prone to exhibit aggressive behaviors and suddenly is barking, snapping, and even biting anyone who comes close, then you should consider that it may be unwell and it is its way of expressing it. May it be as simple as flu, infection, something worse, or an injury, it may be trying to get your attention that it needs your help.

Note that a Chihuahua doesn’t speak the same language as humans do. Because of this, it is reasonable that it has a different way of expressing whatever it is feeling especially if it cannot deal with it on its own. This is particularly during those times when you accidentally aggravate what causing its pain such as an injury. It may just bite you even without intending to.

Chihuahuas are feeling protective towards their owner

Chihuahuas won’t want danger to befall their fur parents especially when they are around. Because of this, it is not unusual that you will find them growling and snapping at any people who they deem could cause harm to their favorite human. Whether this is another dog, a pet, or another human.

A Chihuahua is naturally bold and fearless. They do not cower against potential danger. Instead, they deal with it head-on even if the danger is larger than itself.

Chihuahuas are not afraid to alert their human family with incessant barking. They are also not afraid to bite.

The only downside of this is that when they overdo it and they cannot gauge what is a real danger from not. They deem every stranger as a threat and bite them even unprovoked.

Chihuahuas are feeling threatened

A Chihuahua could exhibit aggression and react through biting if it is feeling threatened or anxious. This is a natural reaction when it is feeling the need to defend itself.

There are many reasons why a Chihuahua would feel threatened. It could be that it was caught off guard at the suddenness of your approach, it got surprised by the gesture you made, or it is feeling threatened by a bigger dog. It could also be that it was backed into a corner with no visible way out.

Either way, the helplessness would make it feel defensive. Don’t be surprised when during such scenarios, a Chihuahua would just spring itself on you and bite.

Chihuahuas channels their environment

Studies show Chihuahuas are adaptable dogs. While this could pose many advantages (eg Chihuahuas would mostly be happy living the same lifestyle as their fur parents), it also has its downside.

One good example is when a Chihuahua bite is brought about by the violent environment it grew up in. Since it sees nothing but aggression from its fur parents or other dogs, the tendency is for it to channel the same type of aggression in the only way it knows how – by biting.

It is for this reason why a Chihuahua, or other dog breeds, should be provided with a healthy and conducive environment, especially during their development years. This would give Chihuahuas no reason to acquire bad behaviors, more so, channel them.

Chihuahuas are exhibiting a traumatic reaction

Chihuahuas are sensitive dogs. They are naturally alert and attune to their surroundings. They may not be humans but they also suffer from traumatic situations. They even get flashbacks from them which could be the same as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in humans.

Traumatic events among Chihuahuas include incidents that made them suffer tremendously from pain. It could also be an occasion that terrorized them or a situation that caused them to be upset.

This is common, especially among Chihuahuas that are adopted from doggy shelters or from being abandoned by an acquaintance. When triggered, they could exhibit traumatic behaviors such as shaking, barking, whining, and biting.

Body Languages of a Chihuahua ready to bite

Chihuahua will have no qualms in letting you know that it is ready to snap. All the signs will be there. You just need to pay attention and do the right thing.

You know a Chihuahua is about to bite you when it exhibits the following:


You will never get this wrong as this will be the most telling sign. This is when your fur baby starts to vocalize already in an aggressive noise.

It would be pronounced and with the sound “grrr.” It is usually accompanied by teeth-baring. The intent is to intimidate or to warn you off.

The minute your Chihuahua starts doing this, it is for the best to double-check what your next decision will be. Proceeding to go further with what upsets it would definitely not be wise.

What you should do is to give it its space by slowly backing away until it decidedly calms down. The last thing you’d want is to make it more uncomfortable and bite you.

Teeth Baring

There is no misunderstanding on the intent of a Chihuahua when it starts baring its teeth. This means that you should be cautious in your succeeding steps and your Chihuahua is not playing around.

It will be for your benefit to remove yourself from the space of your Chihuahua when it starts curling its lips back to show its teeth. This just means that you caused it to be upset.

It could be due to the fact that you are touching its food or triggering its traumatic past, but the bottom line is that you stop now before a Chihuahua proceeds to bite you.

Stiff Stance

This may not be noticeable to a person who doesn’t know the Chihuahua well. But this is characterized by the fur baby standing still and full of tension, seemingly ready to spring itself up to you at the slightest provocation.

Normally its head is perked up during this situation. Its tail is also pointed up and straight.

You might have caused it to be caught off-guard for some reason. Another consideration is that it is feeling threatened. Nevertheless, you should begin thinking of ways to pacify the situation before a Chihuahua bites you.

Raised Hackles

This is one indicator that a Chihuahua is exhibiting signs of stress and fear. Although sometimes, it could also mean excitement, you shouldn’t just consider this especially when the raised hackles of a Chihuahua are combined with other signs of aggressions mentioned here.

When a Chihuahua has raised hackles, this indicates that it is on high alert. As proof, you can also see it watching your every move. It may be starting to calculate your distance from it in case it needs to pounce at one wrong move.

Raised hackles could also be a way for your Chihuahua to make itself look larger and fiercer than it really is. This is a means to intimidate and tell you that it is not afraid of you. Thus, you should watch your next step because the next thing you know, the Chihuahua is already biting you.

Tail Movement

It is a common notion that a wagging tail of a Chihuahua indicates excitement and happiness. While this is the case usually, it cannot be discounted that this could also mean it is expressing its aggression especially when the movement is on the stiff side. Likewise, you should observe other signs accompanying its tail movement.

There are also instances when the aggression of the Chihuahua and its preparedness to bite is exhibited by the absence of movement of its tail. The movement will suddenly stop and little did you know, it is already showcasing its potential bite-stance.

When your Chihuahua is like this, coming closer is not ideal. You may be causing more damage if you push it. It would be best to slowly back away and let it breathe for a while until the aggression subsides. This would help pacify the situation and ensure that you can leave the Chihuahua’s space unscathed.

The Expectations on a Chihuahua Bite

The bite force of a Chihuahua may not be as critical as that of a Pit Bull bite but it doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly. The Chihuahua’s dog’s head may not be as big and its jaw predicted bite strength may not as strong but it doesn’t mean that it will not leave a mark.

You are lucky if the Chihuahua bite did not break the skin. But it did and drew blood, then you may be in deeper danger than you first thought. This is most especially if you suffer from below:

Bite Infections

You may not know it but bacteria could live in almost all dog breeds mouths. This could immediately translate into a bacterial infection when the teeth of the Chihuahua break the skin. This could be fatal when not addressed immediately and could result in other complications for people with underlying conditions such as diabetes.

You know you are suffering from an infection when the area that got bitten by the Chihuahua starts to swell. There can be redness and pain. There could also be the development of pus which would soon ooze from the skin.

Some people suffering from an infected Chihuahua bite exhibits also a high fever and chills even under temperate weather.


Rabies is a serious virus that could create havoc in the victim’s central nervous system. It is innate in many different animals, not just dog breeds. It could infect the victim through a bite.

You can be exposed to rabies if the Chihuahua that bit you did not receive a vaccine for such. Note that rabies could be detrimental. It is known to cause death to victims who failed to get the needed treatment for it – eg. shots that would enable your body to build antibodies against it.


Tetanus is another life-threatening condition that could be brought about by a Chihuahua bite. This could also attack the central nervous system by the production of a type of poison that triggers severe muscle contractions and could cause a locked jaw.

Tetanus may not be contagious but this doesn’t discount how fatal can it be.

Nerve, Muscle, and Skin Damage

It cannot be disputed that the Chihuahua doesn’t have the strongest bite force. But this doesn’t stop its bite from causing discomfort and various types of damage.

A well-placed bite of a Chihuahua could cause nerve damage. It could cause even cause severe blood loss if it hits the right artery. Let’s not forget about the possible muscle damage that could cause scarring.

Note that not all dog bite has the capability to heal perfectly. Some leave marks that victims have to live with. Not to mention, there could be trauma too.

What to do when a Chihuahua Bites You

There are instances when you cannot anymore prevent a Chihuahua’s bite. Whether your fur baby accidentally did it, or it is a result of a game you two are playing, you still should not neglect it, especially if the teeth of a Chihuahua punctured your skin.

What you can do is immediately wash it under running water and clean the bite area with soap. As you do this, you could also let the wound bleed to possibly remove any bacteria present.

Once you are done washing the wound, you can proceed to slow down the bleeding by putting pressure on the affected area. It will also help if there is an antibiotic cream that you can apply.

Determine if the Chihuahua dog that bit you is vaccinated. If not, then it is in your best interest to have a jab against it. You may also want to consider having an anti-tetanus shot if you don’t have any.

Observe the wound. If it exhibits signs that it is infected or any other abnormalities including non-stop bleeding, then you may want to contact a physician for assistance.

Helping Your Chihuahua Not to Bite

Setting Boundaries at an early age

It is not always easy to set boundaries for your Chihuahuas especially when they are still puppies. They are just so adorable that it would need utmost discipline on your part because it goes against your instinct to provide everything it would ever want.

But you should not give in. You should end bad habits as soon as you identify them because letting this prosper could cause hideous problems in the long run.

For instance, letting your Chihuahua bite your hand or any part of your body, albeit playfully, could give it the wrong impression that you are happy with what it is doing. This is most especially if you are going to give it treats afterwards just because it asked. This would make your Chihuahua repeat the action until it develops into a bad habit later on.

Since your Chihuahua was not trained that biting is not a good idea, it would tend to do this repeatedly even to other people which could develop into a serious problem especially when it grows into a fully adult dog. As a puppy, gentle nipping can be acceptable. However, the same cannot be said when a Chihuahua reaches its adulthood.

The Chihuahua’s bite force when it reaches its adult state can already cause harm. It could also cause damage to the skin and even draw blood.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your Chihuahua to be among those dog breeds who have been reported to have bitten children. Thus, it’s a must that you don’t tolerate the bad habits of your dog.

Establishing yourself as a pack alpha

Like other dog breeds, Chihuahuas also recognize the pack hierarchy. This means that if your Chihuahua identifies you as being more dominant than it, you would less likely to have problems when it comes to behavior.

Your Chihuahua would also follow your commands and listen to you without issues if it considers you as its leader. It would provide you the respect you deserve and it would be very rare that it would still develop dominance-triggered aggression. Thus, you can expect that dog bites and dog attacks would be prevented.

Let your Chihuahua go through obedience training

The ability of your Chihuahua to respond to your commands would help you control it, especially during dreadful circumstances. Not only could you prevent it from causing damage with its aggression and bite force, but you could also help keep it safe.

If you want a higher success rate when it comes to the obedience training of your Chihuahua, then it would be best if you’re going to start while it is still a pup.

Keep the training time short. Normally, 5 to 10 minutes would be an ideal time frame. Do it in an environment with no distractions so you can have the assurance that the focus of your Chihuahua would be on the task at hand.

One of the challenges in training a Chihuahua would be its stubbornness. If this is an issue for your Chihuahua then it would be best if you would apply a reward-based reinforcement during training.

This entails rewarding your pooch for every desired behavior that was achieved. The reward could be in the form of a tasty treat, praises, or even additional cuddles.

Negative reinforcement should never even be considered. Not only could this break the sensitive spirit of a Chihuahua, but it could also break your bond with it.

Chihuahuas never respond positively to intimidation. More so, if you are going to show it violence.

When you let your Chihuahua go through obedience training, you can start with simple commands that would help in its everyday activities such as stand, stop, sit down, heel, and no. Ensure that you relay this clearly and consistently.

Doing this routinely would help establish the discipline of your Chihuahua. You will realize that once this has been over and done with, it will be easier to hold back your Chihuahua even if it is feeling aggressive and wanting to bite.

Socialize your Chihuahua thoroughly

Chihuahuas usually get easily aggressive and resort to biting when they have not gone through any socialization training from puppyhood. This makes them hard to get along with especially if you are a stranger, and makes it hard for them to distinguish between a real danger or not.

The end result is that they become a danger themselves to society. They bite even unprovoked just because you are unfamiliar and not a usual fixture in its comfort zone.

Socialization is not that difficult. All you need is to expose your Chihuahua as much as possible to different surroundings, people, and even other animals.

Doing this would enable it to know that there are still safe places and beings outside its norm. It would lessen its tendency to be territorial over everything it deems as its own and would refrain it from being always on its guard and treating everyone new it meets as a threat.

Socialization training could be taught even by walking daily through different streets. Consider crowded ones for better exposure. Take time to meet and greet also strangers with your Chihuahua and let it mingle with other animals.

You should be cautious though to facilitate only the interaction in an environment where your Chihuahua feels safe. It will not be good for its socialization training if your fur baby feels threatened by everyone it meets. Because of this, you need to pay attention to what its body language is telling you.

Avoid exposing a Chihuahua in a threatening environment

There is no better way to do this than the obvious, never put your Chihuahua in a situation where it would feel threatened or cornered. Watch out for the tell-tale signs that it is and quickly pacify the situation either by backing off or removing yourself from its space.

Chihuahuas would have no qualms in telling you that they are upset so you won’t have any difficulties determining their mood. They normally growl and bare their sharp teeth when they are in an uncomfortable situation.

The only thing left for you to do is not aggravate the circumstances which could lead to biting.

Create a conducive environment for a Chihuahua

It was previously mentioned that as sensitive as they are, Chihuahuas are capable of reflecting the type of environment they grew up in. Thus, it is of utmost importance that they are raised in an environment that is not violent. This includes the kind of treatment they receive daily.

For instance, fur parents should not raise their voice to a Chihuahua. Likewise, it should not be punished with the use of pain and intimidation.

What could be done instead is to educate it with the use of a firm voice. In that way, a Chihuahua would have no reason to turn against you.

Note that dog breeds as a whole retain memories of abuse in their mind. Although it is likely that they won’t react immediately, it was unlikely that they would forget.

How many stories have we heard about dogs hurting their owner after months of not being treated right? Countless! Keep in mind that it may just be biding its time.

Chihuahuas may be very loyal to their owners but they also form reactions based on how they are being treated. If fur parents wouldn’t treat their Chihuahua appropriately, it is not impossible that they may be headlining the next bite reports we’re going to read.

Do not discount a Chihuahua’s past

.If you are getting a Chihuahua from an animal shelter or if someone would abandon one under your care, it is a must that you ask relevant questions about its background. This would give you an insight into whether or not it previously suffered from any traumatic events or if there are any triggers you should be aware of.

Admittedly, there are times when the above information is not readily available or the previous owner is not forthcoming. You won’t realize that you accidentally brought back traumatic episodes to your Chihuahua until it is too late.

Thus, it is mandatory to pay attention to the signs that your Chihuahua is getting triggered during your interactions. Whether it is a simple shaking or growling – these should be signs for you to refrain from duplicating the same actions that caused it.

Initiate regular visits of your Chihuahua to the vet

A vet is the best person to assess if your Chihuahua is suffering even without the noticeable symptoms that would raise a red flag to you. Bringing it to the vet regularly would help rule out any health issues your Chihuahua may have which may have been leading to its aggression.

It may be a hereditary illness or something your Chihuahua has acquired recently. Nevertheless, the right treatment could help bring your Chihuahua back to its original cheery disposition. In that way, it won’t anymore feel the need to bite.

Provide the necessary supervision

There is no better person who knows their Chihuahuas well than the owners themselves. It is them who could tell whether or not bite incidents would be likely when Chihuahuas interact with other people.

If your Chihuahua is prone to causing bite incidents, then you should already know not to let people, especially youngsters, pet it. Even if it seems to behave at first, this is not an assurance that it will not bite off a finger when it gets triggered.

Providing utmost supervision when your Chihuahua is interacting with another would help lessen the likelihood of dog bites from happening. Even if accidents still happen, you could assist in controlling your Chihuahua by distracting it or commanding it to stop. Moreover, your presence would enable the immediate facilitation of first aid to the affected area of the victim.


The bite force of a Chihuahua may not measure up to the bite force of larger dogs, but it could still cause fatalities to the victims. As such, it is not advisable that the consequences of its bite would be ignored even though it is just a small dog breed. If bitten, proper care should be provided to the affected area, and contact a physician if the injury needs further assessment.

Fur parents should also know when to address the biting problem of their Chihuahuas. They should determine what’s causing it so they can properly manage the issue. In that way, their Chihuahuas wouldn’t cause trouble with this misbehavior.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What to do when your Chihuahua bites you?

A: When a Chihuahua bites you, you should already consider it as an emergency situation. Conduct first aid treatment by cleaning the affected area and applying anti-bacterial medication. If the affected area exhibits signs of infection and if the victim knows that the Chihuahua has not gone through any anti-rabies vaccination, then this merits escalation to a medical professional.

Is it common for Chihuahuas to bite?

A: Chihuahuas bite if you are going to tolerate this from puppyhood. This is an acquired behavior that you could mitigate by training them not to do such from the onset of the bad behavior.

Calling out bad behaviors is not always easy. As such, fur parents should be disciplined to do this even if their instincts are telling them to spoil their pups.

Why Chihuahuas are so aggressive?

A: The aggressive behavior of Chihuahuas could be due to various reasons. It could be that they are feeling territorial, protective of their fur parents, maternal aggression, or they may be feeling unwell. You can only address the problematic biting of a Chihuahua when you are able to accurately determine why they are feeling such.

Is there a reason why my Chihuahua attacks me for no reason?

A: A Chihuahua may attack you for no reason because it is not used to strangers due to the lack of socialization training. It is also possible that it is seeing you as a threat to its possession, standing as an alpha dog, or even a danger to its fur parents.

When a Chihuahua starts showing you aggressive behavior by growling and baring its teeth, then you should already start backing off. Assess what is the right way forward because one tiny step could cause you to be injured by an aggressive Chihuahua

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