How to pronounce chihuahua?

Some people are confused about how to pronounce the breed of these tiny and sassy doggos. The American pronunciation is Chuh-waa-wuh. Mexicans pronounce it as Chee-wa-wa. They say the Mexican pronunciation is the correct one especially since this breed of dogs originated from the ancient ruins in Chihuahua, Mexico sometime in the 1800s. No one can say exactly how these little dogs got there but since their sighting, many people took them to their own homes and named them after the state where they were from. Many historians believe that Chihuahuas are descendants of small companion dogs called Techichi. But the Techichis were double the size of Chihuahuas so they think that there had been cross breeding with other small dogs like the Chinese Crested. And that is how these lovely and adorable creatures came to be.

The word Chihuahua comes from the Nahuatl dialect of the indigenous Nahuan Aztecan people from Central Mexico. It literally refers to the place where 2 rivers meet. Chihuahua, the place, is where the Rio Grande and Rio Conchos meet. It quickly became a popular breed among Mexicans and later on, these charming doggos were sold to different parts of the world to become one of the most beloved dogs in history. They are bred or bought to be their owner’s loyal companion dogs while some groom them to be show dogs. Either way, it just goes to show how endearing Chihuahuas are.

If you look it up in the dictionary, you will learn that Chihuahua refers to a small breed of dogs that come in 2 varieties – short-coated or smooth coat and long-coated. Common colors of this breed are fawn, cream, red, brown, chocolate, black, white, or mixed. Some kennel clubs recognize Chihuahuas as the smallest breed among dogs. It usually weighs between 4 to 6 pounds and is around 6 to 10 inches tall. Breeders believe the smaller the Chihuahua the higher the selling price that’s why some breed tiny teacup Chihuahuas which only weigh 3 lbs and reach only 6 inches in height. The average lifespan of a Chihuahua is 12 to 20 years.

Now you know a bit more about our little Chihuahua furry friends. Let’s show some love and appreciation for these tiny dogs!

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