How to calm down your chihuahua?

If I have to pick certain truths about this small breed of dogs it’s that they are loyal, energetic, with a lot of attitude. Somehow all these things go together to add up to their irresistible charm. But sometimes, they display a little bit more sass and energy bordering on craziness, right? They can go spinning around your feet over and over again or jumping on your heads or bouncing off the walls. This usually happens when they do not get proper exercise or they are not used to other people.   Here’s what you can do to calm your Chihuahua.

Your Chihuahua needs a lot of exercise to release that pent up energy. When you plan your exercise routine for your little pet, do it gradually so that you don’t overwhelm him. Take note also of their physical limitations. Their necks and spines are delicate given their size so it’s recommended that you use a proper harness comfortably fitted on him. Add variety in your exercise routine like playing fetch one day to going for a walk to playing at the dog park to waddling in shallow water. You will notice that your Chihuahua will build his stamina over time. As he develops strength, he can exercise until he gets tired and you’ll see that he’ll be more relaxed after.

You also need to teach your pet about self-control. This can be a lengthy and painstaking process but it’s all for the best. This training involves the use of his favorite treats as a reward for your desired behavior. Furparents, please choose healthy treats for your furbabies as Chihuahuas can gain weight easily.

If your Chihuahua is always inside your house and the farthest he has gone is at the back of your yard, he probably gets overly excited when seeing new people around. You have to expose him to other elements outside your house. Take him for a walk so that he will be familiar with the people and things around him. Constant exposure will help him lose his fascination over these elements until they just become part of his background that he can ignore.

To teach him how to stay calm, you’ve got to give him lots of physical and mental stimulation. Give him jobs to do inside the house to keep him busy. You can train your Chihuahua to gather all his toys together which are scattered all over the house. You can also teach him to drag a mat around so that he can clean the floor. You can challenge him mentally by using food puzzle toys. The key here is in creating a daily routine so that your furry pet has something to keep him busy but also give him time to rest in his designated spot in the house.

There are different ways to instill calm on your furry pal. Some even use relaxing music. Just take the time to help your Chihuahua through it by providing healthy outlets to release his energy and give him a calm atmosphere where he feels loved and secure.

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