What does chihuahua mean in Spanish?

In case you didn’t know it, Chihuahua is a Spanish word. It refers to a northern state in Mexico which is also the nation’s commercial capital. The correct way to pronounce this word is Chee-wa-wa as the locals say it. In the local dialect, Chihuahua refers to a place where two rivers meet. In this case, it refers to the Rio Grande and Rio Conchos that meet in this place that people call Chihuahua. Of course, when you look it up in the dictionary, Chihuahua also refers to the smallest breed of dogs with erect ears believed to have originated in Mexico sometime in the 1800s. The place where Chihuahuas were first seen was used by merchants to name this breed when they were sold to different owners around the world. And the rest, they say, is history. This little breed of dogs captivated the whole world as they make great companion dogs for being extremely loyal and show dogs for their charming appeal.

The expression “Ay, chihuahua” is also used in Spanish to express shock or surprise. It can also denote dismay or annoyance. Obviously, this is far from our own expressions when we see these cute doggos around.

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Written by Susan Sullinger


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