How to cut chihuahua nails?

Cutting your Chihuahua’s nails regularly should be a part of their grooming routine. Chihuahuas have small paws and very small nails that tend to grow quickly. You need to maintain their nails at a healthy length to ensure that they won’t get in the way of your Chi’s movement. Check their nails regularly. They might have nails that curl around into the pad of their paws which can cause much pain and discomfort. If your furbaby is limping or starts chewing its nails, it might be time for some nail cutting. There can also be abnormalities in the way they walk or irregular gait as their feet lose traction on the ground. Long nails can also cause deformities of their paws and could injure their tendons over time. That is why you shouldn’t skip this grooming routine.

To cut your Chihuahua’s nails, you need to have the proper nail care equipment. Use a dog nail clipper when cutting their nails as this is designed to cut your doggo’s nails at the right angle (45 degrees) without causing their nails to break, split or crush. Get the right clipper size for your pet. Get them used to having their nails trimmed early on so that they would understand that it’s just a part of their regular grooming routine. Otherwise, you’ll get them all giddy and crazy when it’s time to cut their nails. It’s also recommended to cut your Chihuahua’s nails when he’s gotten himself tired from exercise so that he won’t move around that much and allow you to continue with your task. After their bath time is also a good time to cut their nails as their nails are usually softer after getting soaked in water. To start cutting, gently hold their paws. Squeeze the middle portion of their paw pads to spread their claws. Trim a little part at a time, taking extra care not to clip their quick, which is where their blood vessels are. Don’t forget to trim their dewclaw as well. When you’ve trimmed too much and it begins to bleed, you can use styptic powder or flour to stop the bleeding. Make sure they feel relaxed and comfortable when you trim their nails. Shower them with lots of praises when they allow you to cut their nails so that they would know that they’re being a good pal. Constantly reassure them that everything’s okay and it’s just a normal part of their grooming routine. Maintain a positive vibe as your furry pal responds to how you’re feeling. If your Chi doesn’t feel comfortable, you can try again the next day when he’s more relaxed.

But if you’re the one uncomfortable about trimming your pet’s nails, you can always ask your vet to do it or take your furry friend to the groomers who’ll be happy to do it for you. The important thing is to have their nails trimmed regularly so that they can stay healthy and happy.

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