How many puppies can a Chihuahua have?

Given their tiny size, one usually wonders how many puppies can Chihuahuas have. How many little babies can mommy Chihuahuas hold in their tummy? We cannot give an exact number but Chihuahuas usually have an average of 1 to 3 puppies in each litter especially for younger ones giving birth for the first time. But older Chihuahuas, those that have already given birth before, can have more than that. Sometimes even reaching a total of 5 to 6 puppies in a litter.

Like other dogs, Chihuahuas are pregnant for an average of 63 days or 21 days for each trimester. Chihuahuas usually give birth to their babies via C-section. This is often recommended by vets rather than the natural way of delivery because female Chihuahuas have narrow hips and their puppies have large head sizes. The puppies can get stuck in their mom’s birth canal during natural delivery which would lead to fatal consequences for the puppies and mother. This is also the reason why they can’t have more and larger puppies. Their brachycephalic bodies are not designed for that. Being a brachycephalic breed of dog, their litter sizes are smaller than other breeds. But their litter sizes get bigger on the third or fourth time they get pregnant.

When your female Chihuahua is expected to have more than 3 puppies, some health complications can occur. There might be puppies that are underweight and would need more help in getting adequate milk supply from their mother. You can determine how many pups your Chihuahua will have through an ultrasound or x-ray. Since vets often recommend them to undergo C-section, it’s also a good idea to have their delivery scheduled with your trusted vet early on so that you can be prepared.

Female Chihuahuas can have 4 litters of pups in their lifetime. Responsible pet owners and breeders should space their pregnancies 2 years apart or not less than 12 months to give their body time to recover from the strain of pregnancy and giving birth. Since most of them undergo C-section, they need adequate time to heal. Having more than 4 litters can put a lot of strain on their tiny bodies.

If you’re unsure if your Chihuahua is pregnant, here are some signs to help you out. If after a few days of mating your female Chihuahua has a decreased level of appetite, seems tired all the time, and is less active than usual, these could be early signs of pregnancy. You can also check if their nipples and belly are swollen. Of course, it is still best to check with your vet so that you also know how to take care of your Chihuahua.

Give your Chihuahua all the love and support she needs during her pregnancy to ensure that she and her litter are in good health.

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