How Long Can a French Bulldog Hold Its Pee

House training French Bulldogs are mandatory in ensuring that their behavior is well and good especially if you have plans to bring it to travel with you. Just imagine the mess you need to deal with if your pet relieves itself everywhere. This is not just unsanitary but also destructive particularly if their ‘accidents’ happen on important pieces of furniture that are not salvageable. Good thing that French Bullies are highly trainable especially if you are going to start them young. The secret is to be consistent in the training you are going to provide and knowing their habits so you can accordingly plan the right schedule.

A handy knowledge in potty training your French Bully is knowing when it needs to go. An adult French Bulldog can hold its pee for an average of 8 to 10 hours while a French Bully puppy of about 12-16 weeks old can do it for only about 4 hours. This is even less for French Bullies who are younger than 12 weeks which are known to have the ability to hold their pee for only about 2-3 hours. Given this information, you should already have an idea of when you should bring your Bully to pee. French Bulldog owners usually start the schedule upon waking up. Then they schedule bringing their doggos to relieve themselves every after meals and after their Bullies were observed to be drinking from their container. They also make sure to bring their dog before they go to sleep. Amid the average hours they can hold their pee, it is not wise to push French Bullies to the limit because like in humans, they can develop a bladder infection. Because of this, an appropriate schedule should be established as early as possible and furparents should keep an eye on the telltale signs when their French Bully needs to go.

Accidents do happen especially at nighttime. If you are newly training your French Bully then it is important to extend the training on a 24-hour period because you cannot expect your Bully to just hold in its pee or potty overnight. Schedule bathroom breaks as necessary and if you cannot anymore bring it outside to do its business, might as well find a designated area in your house where it could do its thing. After a while, you’d find that your French Bully would just naturally adapt to the schedule and give your good night’s sleep back. Just don’t take it against your French Bulldog if accidents did happen because shouting and scolding your furbaby wouldn’t help. Just lead it back to the right track until the routine is formed. After all, when you have successfully house trained your Bully, the reward would be fulfilling.

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