How to Clean Bulldog Ears

Bulldogs are known for their batlike or rose-shaped ears, depending on the breed. Their ears can be erect or floppy but they’re cute either way. Knowing how to clean your bulldog’s ears is important. It is part of their proper grooming and hygiene to ensure that they are healthy. Clean ears are pinkish-gray and odorless. Their ears have to be cleaned regularly to keep them away from infections and allergies. Ear infections are among the leading causes of vet visits. To avoid this, here are some tips on how to clean your bulldog’s ears.

Things you need
Do not use cotton swabs when cleaning your bulldog’s ears because they tend to push the wax and dirt further into the ear canal and might puncture your dog’s eardrum if you aren’t careful or if your dog suddenly moves while you’re cleaning his ears. You need to use a special pet cleanser product designed for cleaning dog ears. These are gentle enough on your dog’s ears and won’t cause irritations and they also dry quickly which will prevent excess moisture in their ears. You can also use an ear-drying powder after cleaning your dog’s ears to make sure that they’re fully dry.

Cleaning the ears
You need to make your bulldog comfortable before you start cleaning his ears. You can offer him treats for being a good boy. Once he’s relaxed, position him for the ear cleaning session. Gently pull the flap of his ear upwards so that you can see his ear canal. Squeeze in a few drops of the ear cleanser into his ear canal then massage the base of your bulldog’s ear to distribute the solution evenly. It will also help in breaking up the debris inside his ear canal. Do this for about 20 to 30 seconds. Do not put the nozzle of the cleanser too far into your bulldog’s eardrums to avoid rupturing the eardrum. After a few moments, give him space and allow your dog to shake his head. This is how dogs naturally clean their ears. It helps in getting rid of the excess moisture from the cleanser. When he’s done, use a dry cotton ball or paper towel to wipe away the excess dirt and moisture around the inner ear. Make sure it is dry to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria which could lead to an ear infection. Don’t use water when cleaning his ears to avoid infection. That’s it! Basically, you just need to put the ear cleanser into his ear canal, massage his ears to make sure that the solution is spread evenly, then dry it off and clean any excess dirt on the visible area of his inner and outer ear.

You can also trim the hair inside your bulldog’s ears to let the air freely pass through. Clean your bulldog’s ears every week to protect him from infections. It is also a great bonding opportunity as you spend quality time with your dog.

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