What Is the Oldest Living Bulldog

Bulldogs have become very popular all over the world because they make such great pets. They are loving and loyal and have a cute appearance to boot. They have won over so many hearts and are treated as part of the family by those who own them. They just want their bulldogs to be around them forever. That’s why it is really heartbreaking when they lose their beloved pets when they cross the rainbow bridge.

Bulldogs have a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years. This is such a short time especially when you’ve come to love your pets dearly. Bulldogs have a shorter lifespan than other breeds of dogs. This could be a result of their breeding process. Years of breeding bulldogs in order for them to have the expected features of small stature, squished faces, folded skin, among others has led to them becoming one of the unhealthiest breeds of dogs in the world. As breeders But many furparents report that their bulldogs have surpassed this average much to their delight. There are those who say that their bulldogs are over 10 years old already. In the Facebook page The Oldest Bulldogs Around the World, Andrew Johnson said that his bulldog named Dozer is already 15 years and 4 months old and he might be the oldest living bulldog around. A furparent from Cleveland, Ohio, USA reported that her bulldog named Oliver had reached 20 years of age but sadly, Oliver already crossed the rainbow bridge last 2018. Reports like these are testaments that bulldogs can live longer lives given the right environment, diet, and exercise routines.

Longer Lifespan
We all want our pets to live longer. The life expectancy of bulldogs is not set in stone. It’s still up to us to give them the best care and quality of life so that they can live healthier and longer. Furparents should know the common diseases and illnesses that plague this breed. These are heart problems, bladder and kidney stones, breathing disorders, laryngeal paralysis, and joint problems. With this information in mind, furparents would know how to take care of their furbabies better so that they can prevent these diseases. Giving bulldogs a well-balanced diet, proper dental care, making sure that their vaccinations are complete, following weight management programs, and preventive treatments for their ailments will help them lead healthier and longer lives.

Take care of your bulldog and shower him with lots of love and affection for his optimal health and best quality of life.

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