How Often Should You Bathe Your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs make great family pets. They are sweet creatures who love to cuddle with their humans. They are not that active compared to other breeds of dogs and prefer to stay indoors. Given their lifestyle, some furparents would like to know if they should bathe their Frenchies often. The answer to this is no, Frenchies don’t need frequent bathing. They can be given baths once in a month or even once in 2 months. They are very low maintenance like that. It is quite ironic since Frenchies love bathtime unlike other dogs who would do anything to skip this grooming regimen. But even though Frenchies love taking a bath, furparents shouldn’t overdo it because it would cause them to lose the natural oils in their coat and skin that give them an added layer of protection. When they lose these oils, they would be vulnerable to skin diseases such as having dry skin. But each Frenchie is unique and leads a different lifestyle so the best advice is to give them a bath as needed. If your Frenchie loves to roll in the dirt, then he might need to have more frequent baths.

How to keep your Frenchie clean in between baths
There are many ways to ensure that your French Bulldog stays clean even without giving him frequent baths. First, make sure that his surroundings are clean particularly his beddings and those spots where he usually stays. Don’t expect your French to stay clean when his surroundings are not. Then you should brush his coat regularly. This is an important part of the grooming process to make sure he looks good all the time and it will also help in the circulation of his blood. You can also use dry shampoo and doggie sprays to keep them smelling fresh. You should also clean their ears and mouth regularly to prevent undesirable odors. Make sure you clean their tail pocket so that it won’t smell. Use pet wipes to wipe off dirt and debris from the surface of his body. Just because you shouldn’t bathe your Frenchie often doesn’t mean you have to skip on other grooming routines.

Giving your Frenchie a bath
Make bathtime fun time for your doggo. Keep him calm and get him used to the water at an early age so that he’ll enjoy his bathtime. You can also have treats nearby that you can use to encourage him to take a bath. Make sure your doggo gets a good bath. Don’t rush it. After all, he rarely takes a bath so you might as well make the most out of it. Use a dog shampoo for sensitive skin to avoid skin irritations. Clean the insides of your Frenchie’s wrinkles carefully. Remove his tear stains. Wash his rear end near the tail. Then rinse off the shampoo thoroughly and dry him well.

Bathe your Frenchie as needed but don’t overdo it and make sure when you do give him a bath that it’s a fun and positive experience that he would cherish.

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