How to train a basset hound?

Basset hound dogs are known for being stubborn. They bark a lot and aloud, tend to dig around, and will escape to go off hunting when they have the chance. These dogs with an attitude aren’t easy to train. They are fairly intelligent and you just need to be firm, patient, and creative to be able to bring out the best in them. You’ve got to start training your Basset as soon as they’re pups or when you first take them home with you.

You can train your Basset Hound through the Look at Me method or Be the Pack Leader method. When training your Basset, give him rewards and shower him with praises. Don’t use punishment for undesirable behaviors. Show him that you’re the leader. Be firm but gentle as Bassets are very sensitive. You’ve got to understand that they tend to be easily distracted by their sense of smell so you have to get their attention.

For the Look at Me method, you need to go to a quiet place where he won’t be easily distracted. Teach the command “Look at Me” with the use of a treat. When he follows your command, praise him and give him the treat. Continue practicing this method and increase the amount of time that he needs to look at you before you give him the treat. When you see he’s doing well, you can take your pet outside where there are distractions and give him the Look at Me command. You can eventually replace giving him treats with lots of praise and affection when he follows your command.

With the Be the Leader of the Pack method, you establish your position as the food provider and a loving relationship with your Basset. Make him wait for you so that he can have his food or you can handfeed him so that he knows that you’re the provider of his food. Set aside quality time with him. Take him out for a walk and introduce him to new people and things. Give him enough sniffing time so that he can meet his need to follow scents around him. Once you’ve established a solid relationship, you can train your Basset to follow your commands. Once you’ve established that you’re the leader, your Basset Hound will most likely listen to you.

Be patient with your Basset and be consistent in your efforts to train him to behave well. There is no such thing as a stubborn dog, only pets who haven’t been trained well and raised lovingly by their owners.