How do I stop my Chihuahua from biting?

Biting among dogs is an instinctual and aggressive behavior passed onto them by their ancestors. Even before they were domesticated animals, dogs used their teeth to bite prey and predators alike. Dogs of today have inherited this biting behavior especially when provoked. However, when your pet bites, it can hurt a lot. A dog bite is also prone to infections. When your pet bites other people, you also have to take responsibility for the medical bill and other expenses involved. It also becomes frustrating since you got a companion dog to be a part of your family and not someone that they’ll be afraid of.

Reasons why your Chihuahua bites may include teething, feeling anxious or fearful, or health issues. It can also be his defense mechanism. Sometimes, other people or animals can trigger this behavior as well. Or maybe he thinks he’s in charge of the household and becomes defiant when given a command. Whatever the reason is, this behavior has to be addressed especially when it causes discomfort and pain to his human companions and other people around him.

The good news is that Chihuahuas are smart dogs and you can teach them to stop biting. That’s why it’s important to understand why your Chihuahua bites you or other people so that you can attend to this undesirable behavior. Don’t encourage biting even at an early age. When your Chihuahua bites you, you can teach him bite inhibition by saying “Ouch! That hurts!” as you pull your hand away. Ignore him for a few minutes afterwards as punishment for him to know that you’re not pleased with his behavior. The key is in being consistent so do this whenever he bites.

There are different ways to address your Chihuahua’s biting. If your pup is teething, you can divert his biting by giving him teething toys such as a rope or Kong toys. Offer him ice cubes to ease the discomfort. If your furry friend is having health issues, kindly consult your vet to address the problem. Be cautious around your pet when he’s in pain to avoid getting bitten. Small breeds are very vulnerable to pain because of their size and increased level of sensitivity. If in any case you’ve adopted a Chihuahua with an issue of past neglect, you’ve got to show your Chihuahua that he can trust you and he won’t experience what he’s been through before. Shower him with lots of love and affection. Your dedication, patience, and consistency will help your little furry friend overcome his sad past. If your Chihuahua’s biting is induced by fear of other people, you’ve got to teach him how to socialize. Remind other people not to pet your Chihuahua unless your furry friend is already familiar with them. These are just some ways to address your Chihuahua’s biting issue. If all else fails, you can always seek professional help from dog trainers. Don’t give up on your pet. There’s always a way to stop your Chihuahua from biting.

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