How‌ ‌long‌ ‌can‌ ‌a‌ ‌chihuahua‌ ‌hold‌ ‌its‌ ‌bladder‌?

Since Chihuahuas are small, does that mean that they also have a smaller bladder hence they need to urinate more often? How often does your Chihuahua have to pee or how long it can hold its bladder? Knowing your furry pal’s bathroom needs will help you prevent accidents inside the house. It will also help you take care of his urinary health better to avoid problems.

In general, dogs can control their bladder for a long period of time. You might be wondering exactly how long. The length of time your Chihuahua can hold its bladder is related to its size, age, health, and diet. Healthy adult dogs can hold their bladder for up to 12 hours if needed. But that doesn’t mean they have to hold their pee for that long. On average, your adult Chihuahua needs to pee 3 times a day or every 8 hours. On the other hand, healthy Chihuahua pups need to pee once every 2 hours for those below 6 months and once every 4 hours for those 6 months and above. Senior doggos or those between 7 to 12 years old can hold their bladder for a shorter amount of time, between 4 to 6 hours and even shorter for Chihuahuas older than 12 years.

Since Chihuahuas are small, they also have a tiny bladder. That means they have to urinate more often. Their health condition also plays a role in determining how often they need to pee. Those with urinary tract infection, diabetes, and kidney problems urinate more often. Or they might be taking medication that has a diuretic effect, hence the need to pee frequently. Your furry friend’s diet also affects his bathroom needs. Those who eat moisture-rich foods and drink more pee more often. These are just some of the factors that will help you determine how long your Chihuahua can hold its bladder. If you notice anything unusual about your Chihuahua’s bladder control, like peeing very often or infrequently, consult with your vet and have your pet evaluated to determine if something’s wrong with him.

Of course, every pet is unique and each may require different bathroom schedules. We cannot give the exact number of hours that your Chihuahua can hold its bladder. Use this as a guide for your potty-training, letting your furry pal outside for his bathroom needs, and making the best decisions for your little friend’s urinary health.

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