How fast can a chihuahua run?

Our furry friends surely love to run. They would run around the house, yard, dog park, or outdoors when you take them with you. Dogs have innate qualities that make them good runners. Their feet give them a good grip and traction. They also have a double suspension gallop that propels them in the air and allows them to maximize their speed and distance. Their flexible spine and strong abdominal muscles which give them lots of power and forward drive to push them ahead when running. Dogs can run an average of 20 mph but only for short distances. However, not all dogs can run fast. The speed that your dog can run depends on its body composition, breed, and health condition. For example, long-legged dogs run faster than short-legged doggos.

Small breeds of dogs like Chihuahuas run slower because their legs are small. They are not the best dogs to accompany you on your outdoor run. They’re definitely not built for long distance running. Their legs cannot cover much ground when they run. Their short snouts and smaller lungs make it difficult for them to breathe when engaged in rigorous physical activity. But their size can also be a blessing. Since they are smaller, their weight is also lighter and does not take too much toll on their joints when they run. With that said, Chihuahuas can run at an average speed of 10 mph.

Chihuahuas may not be the fastest runner out there but they have natural running abilities. You can also train them to run with you. Please take note that you shouldn’t take your Chihuahua puppies running. You have to wait until their bones and muscles have matured. If you do want to have a running program for your pet dog, you can consult your vet first to make sure that they’re in the best condition. Running is a good physical exercise for your Chihuahuas to keep them fit, happy, and healthy.

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Written by Susan Sullinger


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