Why Bullador Dog Breed Is the Best Mixed Breed Choice

Having a hard time selecting between an English Bulldog and a Labrador Retriever? Then why not have both by getting a Bullador? Known for its friendliness and loyalty to its owners, you are instantly guaranteed a friend ’til the end. With it having the right amount of training, early socialization, and of course, TLC, this canine cross-breed is easily the excellent best buddy for all personality types.

General Information on a Bullador Dog Breed

  • Height17-20 inches tall
  • Weight50-100 pounds
  • Lifespan10-12 years


Even-tempered, active, loyal, very affectionate, gentle, protective

Best match

Families with small children and other pets, active fur parents


Labrador Retriever and English Bulldog (sometimes American Bulldog)

Origin and Dog Registry

A Bullador got its name from being the offspring produced by the controlled breeding between a Labrador Retriever and an English Bulldog (sometimes also an American Bulldog) – dog types that make up the top list of being the crowd’s favorite because their even temperament makes them easy to handle and to integrate especially in a family setting.

An English Bulldog, easily recognizable due to its musculature and wrinkly face, is known to be a sweet and kind dog breed, while a Labrador Retriever is a medium to large dog that is highly intelligent and affectionate. Considering its parentage, it is not anymore surprising how the Bullador inherited its gentle disposition which makes it good with children.

Given the mixed breeding of a Bullador, it is not recognized officially by the American Kennel Club (AKC) wherein its parents (Labrador Retriever and English Bulldog) are members. However, its breed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance

There is no exact formula on how a Bullador could turn up in terms of its physical appearance. As a product of cross-breeding, the product is dependent on the dominant parent characteristics during the breeding process. So you can just expect that it may have the muscles of its English Bulldog mother but the stature of its Labrador Retriever father, or the other way around.

Most Bullador’s have soulful brown to hazel eyes. They can either have a set of droopy ears or those triangular ones. This hybrid canine is normally categorized as a medium to a large dog breed, growing as tall as 20 inches (17-20 in) and as heavy as 100 pounds (50-100 lbs), which makes it a gentle giant. It has a short and almost waterproof coat that rarely comes in a solid color. Bullador’s coat can be a mixture of black, white, brown, cream, tan, and brindle. Contrary to what others believe, there is no striking difference between a male and a female Bullador based on their physical appearance.


It was mentioned above that a Bullador has a short coat. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need the grooming that its long-haired counterparts require, because it does. The only advantage is that it requires grooming less and it is a lot easier process for a Bullador.

Bullador has a short coat

With a Bullador, you can already do away with a detangling hair spray because you won’t have to deal with tangled hair and matted fur with a Bullador. Moreover, bathing a Bullador is uncomplicated and you can even do this on your own which saves you a lot of money. The only thing that you need to deal with is up to moderate shedding especially at some months of the year. But this is nothing regular brushing using bristled brush could address.

Aside from the normal bath and brush, like any other dog breed, a Bullador has other grooming needs. For instance, its nails need regular clipping and its teeth need regular bushing. The latter is what is normally overlooked when it comes to dog hygiene which caused plaque and tartar buildup.

Yes! A Bullador also suffers from tooth decay, and when left untreated, can result to its discomfort and even infection. Thus, as a fur parent, oral hygiene for your Bullador is something you should pay attention to. You may also want to invest in chew toys and dental treats, aside from just regular brushing, which would also keep your Bullador’s teeth in good shape.

No matter the ear type of your Bullador, you should also not skip routine ear cleaning. A daunting task to many owners but an important one that would help mitigate possible discharge and bad odors from developing. There are now ear solutions available at the vet that you can use together with some cotton balls.

It should be noted that Bulladors with floppy ears need more frequent ear cleaning compared to those with triangular ones. Just some words of caution – make sure that you are being careful during the process and you’re not going overboard because otherwise, you may be risking your Bullador to ear damage or a possible ear infection.


cross-breeding of two pure dog breeds


The rationale behind the cross-breeding of two pure dog breeds such as the English Bulldog and the Labrador Retriever, in the case of a Bullador, is to produce a stronger offspring by eliminating the health issues hereditary to each of its parents. Although the expected result was achieved for some Bulladors, it is still not 100% successful for all.

There are still Bulladors that suffer from genetic disorders inherited from their parents such as the following:

Skin Problems

Skin problems normally affects those Bulladors who took after their English Bulldog parent in terms of the wrinkles or folds which become breeding grounds for bacteria if not cleaned regularly.

The build-up of bacteria would now cause irritation and leads to infection that when not treated accordingly, can lead to other health issues such as eye problems which may eventually lead to blindness.


Obesity is characterized by excessive body fat and weight gain on a Bullador.

While this disorder can easily be a result of overconsumption of food combined with the absence of exercise, this can also be caused by old age and other health concerns on dogs such as pancreatic cancer.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia can be considered as among those serious health issues that usually affects big dogs. It affects the skeletal makeup of a Bullador which then impacts its mobility. Although there are studies that say that hip and elbow dysplasia can be hereditary, this can also be caused by other factors such as obesity and improper exercise.

Your Bullador may be suffering from Hip and Elbow Dysplasia if there is noticeable pain accompanying its movements, limping, decreased of its normal activity, and unbalanced muscle development (bigger muscles on the shoulder and loss of muscles on its hind part).

This type of disorder can be treated by exercise, physical therapy, medications, and even surgery.

Breathing difficulty

Breathing difficulty can affect a Bullador if it inherits the physical make-up of its English Bulldog parent that makes breathing obstructive and difficult.

Among the symptoms you should watch out for are breathing noisily and frequently gagging while eating or even drinking. Surgery can treat this condition especially if it is proven dangerous to the well-being of your Bullador.

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV)

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) is also popularly known as bloat. It is when the air accumulates in the stomach of your Bullador causing it to twist and affect other internal organs and the normal blood circulation in its body which could send it into a shock. This could be something your Bullador could not get back from when not provided access to immediate treatment.

The obvious symptoms are bigger than normal abdomen, restlessness, and dry heaving.

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV)

While the above-mentioned health issues can be extremely worrisome for a Bullador owner, any serious concerns and fatalities can be prevented by early detection. It is best if you can schedule your Bullador for routine checkups and be observant of any telltale signs that your pet is not well.

If your Bullador exhibits the symptoms mentioned above, or suddenly stops eating, looks fatigued and sluggish, and exhibits bloody or unusual stool and frequent vomiting, it is highly advisable to immediately seek veterinary guidance to avoid fatalities.

A Bullador that is well-cared for by its owner can have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Food and Feeding

A Bullador is not a picky eater which is why when left on its own devices, it is easy for it to be overfed. This is why it is ideal for Bullador owners to practice a proper diet and a strict feeding schedule as early as puppyhood. The key is to be consistent for a Bullador’s diet plan to be successful.

A Bullador is not a picky eater

A growing Bullador would have different nutritional needs as it goes through the different stages of its life to senior years, but it is not that difficult to meet its nutritional needs nowadays with the help of high-quality formulated dog food available in the market. You can opt for dry food or wet food, the important thing is that it should have the right amount of nutrition required by your Bullador. This type of mixed breed dog requires food that is rich in protein over carbs.

A normal-sized, adult Bullador can be provided up to 4 cups of dry dog food daily. This can be adjusted depending on the level of activity a Bullador has. If your Bullador engages in strenuous exercises daily, then expect that it would need more food to keep up its energy. Combined with the food, a Bullador also needs a healthy dose of vitamins for a healthier body and a stronger immune system.

If you are not certain about what vitamins to give and what is the right amount of food, then you can always seek veterinary advice. Just know that if you get all these right, you will find a healthier and fitter Bullador.


A Bullador requires regular exercises to maintain its ideal weight

A Bullador requires regular exercises to maintain its ideal weight and to ensure that it is in perfect health condition all the time. On this, Bullador’s fur parents won’t have a hard time because this dog breed is packed with high energy levels that it needs to let out. Whether it will be for long hikes or simply playing fetch at a nearby dog park, trust that a playful Bullador can keep up.

Doing away with even at least an hour of exercise for your Bullador will not only be detrimental to its health especially since it is prone to obesity and Hip Dysplasia, but it can also lead to problematic behavior such as destructiveness, unruliness, and incessant barking. These behaviors are normally a way for your Bullador to release its pent-up energy.

It doesn’t matter if you think you are not an outdoorsy type because even a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood can help provide your Bullador with enough exercise and mental stimulation that it needs.

Training a Bullador

A Bullador is a pretty intelligent mixed breed which makes it pretty easy to train. The only downside is that there are instances when it exhibits stubbornness like its purebred English Bulldog parent. But this is not something that a fur parent cannot overcome especially through patience and hard work. The success rate is even higher if you are going to start as early as puppyhood.

A Bullador is a pretty intelligent mixed breed which makes it pretty easy to train.

Start small by teaching it to socialize which can do wonders on its behavior and could curb its potential to be aggressive. You don’t even need to do much aside from introducing and mingling your Bullador to not only other people outside of your family but also to other animals as well.

You can also start potty training your Bullador which entails teaching it to do its “business” outside the house. This may take a lot of time and patience and expect that there will be “accidents” as you go about the training. However, if you are consistent with your schedule such as taking out your Bullador after waking up and before bedtime, and possibly after meals, it won’t take long before your Bullador gets the hang of it.

In teaching your Bullador a few tricks, you can also start with simple obedience training such as teaching it to sit, stay, and fetch. Then if you want, you can even teach it some easy tasks. You will find that it is a different level of fulfillment if you manage to be successful. You can even make the process enjoyable and more effective by providing your Bullador with tasty treats for its achievements.

Just a heads up that a Bullador responds well to a rewards-based approach!

Getting Along as a Family Pet

Getting Along as a Family Pet

Integrating a Bullador in the folds of your family would be easy given its good temperament. They are naturally very affectionate, gentle, and patient which would work well especially if you have small children and other pets. You can trust that a Bullador will easily put up to their antics especially if it is well-trained and it received the right amount of socialization.

Since a Bullador is naturally protective, loyal, and courageous, it has also the making of a good watchdog. So you see, by getting one, you are not only assured of an additional family addition that would look after your loved one, but you are getting yourself a good companion and a valuable friend as well.

However, the maximum potential of a Bullador can only be achieved with the help of proper training and handling. Without these, a Bullador may develop aggressiveness and other disruptive behaviors especially if it did not receive any socialization training.

The Cost of Getting A Bullador

Purchase Price

The Cost of Getting A Bullador

Although Bullador is getting recognition as a good family pet in recent years, this “designer breed” is still not as accessible as its purebred parents because its population is still based on the public demand for it. This just means that if there is little to no demand for a Bullador, it is also less likely that you’ll encounter this mixed breed dog in your neighborhood.

Research shows that you should at least have around USD500 to USD1000 on hand if you want to get a hold of a Bullador puppy from a decent or quality breeder. The price can still significantly increase or decrease depending on the innate characteristics of either the sire or the dam. Expect that a Bullador that would come from a champion line would cost you more.

However, it can be said that the price of a Bullador is still a lot cheaper compared to purebred Labrador Retriever and English Bulldog pups which come at a heftier price range of USD800 to USD1200 and USD1400 to USD4000, respectively.

If you want to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money, it is highly advisable to purchase one only from a trusted and reputable breeder. This would give you the guarantee that proper care and nutrition were provided not only on the Bullador puppy that you are purchasing but its parents as well. You can even get tips from a good breeder on the necessary care you need to provide when your Bullador puppy is ready to be taken home.

It is an unfortunate fact that even though a Bullador is produced through controlled breeding, there are times when their fur parents leave them for adoption due to various reasons. So it is also worth a try to check out if this mixed breed is waiting for an opportunity to be adopted at your nearby shelter.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

The cost of owning a Bullador puppy doesn’t stop after its purchase because that is only the start. What many would-be fur parents to a Bullador pup always fail to take into consideration are the miscellaneous costs associated with owning the said cross-breed such as below:


This is the most basic one which type and amount change as your Bullador grows older. Depending on the food and nutritional requirement of your growing Bullador, the prices of the selection of dog foods vary in the market.

Expect that your choice of dog food will not come cheap if it is of higher quality and contains more nutrition than its competitors. Your expenses on dog food would also add up over time especially during your Bullador’s adulthood wherein it was likely to consume more food. The expenses would not even cover just the dog food alone because dog treats and snacks would also normally factor in on the equation.

Dog Accessories 

Dog Accessories 

At the bare minimum, you need a leash to comfortably walk your Bullador. You need a dog bed, bedding, dog bowl, and toys.

It will be an additional cost if you would choose to equip your Bullador with its wardrobe that would not only upgrade its look but would also provide protection against extreme weather conditions and cold weather.

Health Care 

For your Bullador to grow healthy and strong, it is important for it to have access to proper health care which includes regular vaccinations, deworming, and vet check-ups which do not come cheap. It also needs vitamins and other maintenance to maintain its healthy disposition. It cannot be helped when a Bullador becomes unwell at times, and during these days, you have to be prepared to spend on medicines, if not medical procedures.


There are still other expenses on getting a Bullador such as the cost of making your home dog-proof, and the fee you need to pay for a dog sitter or a dog hotel accommodation when you have to go away on a trip and cannot bring your Bullador with you. There is also the need for grooming and pampering from time to time. Further, you even need to pay for the service of a dog trainer in case you opt to seek the assistance of a professional for the training of your Bullador.

The above-mentioned expenses give you a glimpse that taking care of a Bullador does not come cheap. It is good if you have the budget now. However, you should not only focus on the immediate needs of your Bullador but plan for its emergency and long-term needs as well. The last thing you’d want is for your Bullador to end up homeless because you have discounted the costs that come with taking care of it.

Final Thoughts: Why Bullador is the Best Option for You?

In conclusion, there are a lot of advantages if you are going to choose a Bullador as a new addition to your family. You can never go wrong with an even-tempered and protective Bullador. It’s a bonus that it is pretty low maintenance as well.

Just be mindful that getting a Bullador, or other pets, is a commitment that will require hard work and resources.

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