How Do You Treat an Infected Bulldog Wrinkle

Having wrinkles all over their body is one of the most defining physical characteristics of these lovable bulldogs. These wrinkles both make them look so cute and grumpy at the same time which adds up to their charm. But furparents better be on the lookout as these skin folds might be hiding infections that could later on be very uncomfortable or painful for your cute little doggos. Signs to look out for are redness of the skin, stinky odor, scabs or crusty sores, or slimy skin.

What causes the infection
The wrinkles in your bulldog’s body are prone to infection. The folds in their skin are easily infected because bacteria love to grow in their dark and moist environment. The folds on their face and nose are the most prone to having an infection as well as the small wrinkles on their tail pockets so take extra care to keep them clean. The food they eat, the water they drink, debris during playtime, and other dirt can find their way in between these folds and settle there which will spur the growth of bacterial life. It can start out as a skin fold dermatitis or skin inflammation and if not treated properly, it can worsen into a pyoderma infection or bumps on their skin oozing with pus. These skin infections will not go away unless given proper treatment.

Treatment of Skin Infection
It’s very important that you clean your bulldog’s skin folds several times a day. Use a moist towel to remove unwanted particles then use a dry towel to remove excess moisture. Check for any food particle, moisture, or dirt in between those folds. And when it’s time to give them a bath, make sure you clean each fold carefully to remove any dirt. Scrub the infected area gently with a soft washcloth. and dry them out completely to be free from excess moisture. Keep his surroundings, food, and water clean so that they don’t develop bacteria that can be transferred later on to your doggo’s skin. You can also use a wrinkle balm to protect their skin from fungal and bacterial infections. It will also help relieve them of any pain or discomfort. You can treat the infected area with a mixture of Neosporin, gel, and triple antibiotic ointment. Mix small equal parts together and apply on the infected area of the skin. Do this 2 to 3 times a day but make sure you remove the old ointment using a dry paper towel before the new application. Find a way for your bulldog to refrain from rubbing the ointment off so that it will take effect immediately. If the infection looks bad or doesn’t get better after 3 days of your home remedy, better consult with your vet for proper treatment.

Always make sure that your bulldog’s wrinkles are clean and dry to avoid skin infections. Check each skin fold regularly to see if there are signs of infection and treat it immediately. Home remedies include bathing him and washing the area carefully, keeping each skin fold dry, applying a wrinkle balm and antibiotic ointment. But you should have it checked by the vet if the skin infection doesn’t go away after 3 days of home remedy.

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