How Do You Tell If Your Bulldog Loves You

It’s such a great feeling – being loved by your bulldog. They give such unconditional love that’s why they are the best friend any man can ever have. The bond between a human and his dog is strong and is one of the best relationships there is. They are loyal, sweet, and true. But how do you know if your bulldog loves you? Let us count the ways.

Your bulldog will communicate his love for you in so many ways. You can tell that your bulldog loves you when he’s calm and relaxed around you. You can tell by his body posture and flopped ears that he’s happy. Bulldogs are known for cuddling. He can also put his paws on you or lean on you as a way of saying “I love you.” They also have a happy face that tells you they’re happy and contented to be by your side. Look out for their big round eyes and their tongues hanging loose showing some teeth – that right there is your bulldog telling you that he loves you. Your bulldog will also wag his tail or bottom when he’s happy and that’s because you spend quality time with him. He will also look at you with his sweet puppy eyes to tell you that he loves you. When he does this, his face lights up, his brows are smooth, and he feels relaxed. He also likes to raise his eyebrows to make his eyes bigger to amuse you because your attention means everything to him. You can also tell that your bulldog loves you when he’s able to sleep around you. It means he’s very comfortable and closely bonded with you. He would also love to play with you whether it’s tug-of-war or just running around. He would also playfully steal your stuff because they remind him of you and they hold your smell. Have you noticed that some of your socks are missing? Chances are you’ll find them in his play area. Your bulldog loves you when you see that he’s well-behaved and isn’t destructive. He just wants to please you all the time. Their appetite level also tells you if he’s happy or not. If he eats with such gusto, it means that he’s a happy doggo. You can also tell that your bulldog loves you when their bodies are healthy and their coats are shiny. This means they’re well-fed and given proper care. Another way of your furry buddy telling you “I love you” is when he’s happy to see you as soon as you get home from work or even a short trip to the grocery. He might even look mad for being over the moon upon seeing you and would want to play with you right away. When he makes eye contact with you, it’s also his way of communicating his love for you. He also loves to follow you around or likes checking on you to see if you’re alright.

There are so many ways for your bulldog to tell you that he loves you but it can be summed up with this: When your bulldog is happy and healthy, then he knows he’s loved and he loves you back even more. Bulldogs may look tough on the outside with the build of their body and their wrinkles make them look grumpy all the time but they’re really sweet and loving on the inside.

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