How to Potty Train a Bulldog

For sure, you’re excited to bring your bulldog puppy home with you. Given their nice personality, they make good indoor pets and would surely get along with your family. But to be assured of sweet and happy moments with your bully, you’ve got to potty train him. This is crucial in housebreaking your pup and teaching him about domesticated life. He needs to know that there are certain rules he has to follow to live a peaceful life with his humans.

Potty training your bulldog means you train him where and when he can fulfill his bathroom needs. Let him know the appropriate place and time when he can poop and pee to avoid messing the house. You don’t want him pooping wherever he wants to or peeing over your bed and couch, right? Timing is also important because you can’t be with your bulldog all day long. You just can’t hang around until he gives you the signal that he needs to go to the bathroom. This is why you have to potty train him so that you can allow him to fulfill his bathroom needs while avoiding having a stinky and messy house. It sounds challenging but with a lot of patience and positivity, your new furry friend will be fully potty trained before you know it and you’ll feel more comfortable with each other.

Potty Training Your Bully
They say potty training your pup is like having a baby. It will seem like a full-time job at first because your pup will rely on you all the time. Be patient and teach him what he should do. Be consistent in training him to instill good bathroom behavior on your pup so that you won’t need to monitor him all the time later on.
Before bringing your bully home, you can ask the breeder how he was introduced to potty training. It could be that your pup was already introduced to go potty outdoors or they might have used pee pads or newspapers indoors. This will help you get your new friend adjusted to his new bathroom easier.

To potty train your bulldog, you need to designate a specific spot that he can use to fulfill his bathroom needs – it could be inside or outside the house. Take your pup to that spot every 2 to 3 hours and as soon as he wakes up, finishes eating and drinking. Be consistent and stick to your daily schedule. You will also notice that he displays certain behaviors that will tell you that he needs to go potty. It could be circling or sniffing around. When you see these signs, take him to his bathroom spot right away. If he has an accident, don’t get mad at him but firmly tell him “No, No” and still take him where he’s supposed to go potty. When he poops or pees on the correct spot, give him a treat and shower him with praises for his behavior. These rewards will help him associate positive feelings for going potty on the right spot.

Do this consistently for 2 to 4 weeks so that you can instill this good behavior on your pup and you’ll be able to potty train your bulldog successfully.

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