How Do You Teach a French Bulldog Not to Bite

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds all over the world for their cuteness and sweet disposition. They love being around humans and are especially good with children which makes them the perfect family pet for those with kids. However, you also need to watch out because these cute little doggos love to nip and bite especially when they’re young. It starts as an innocent and playful behavior to discover the world around them but with their strong jaws, these little bites can hurt you and your children. And when you allow the behavior to persist, he’ll carry it into adulthood where his biting behavior can cause more problems for you – hurting others and destroying things. That’s why it’s crucial to teach your Frenchies not to bite as soon as you take him home with you.

French Bulldogs are intelligent dogs and highly trainable. They can be quite stubborn at first but their love for their humans will teach them to behave properly so that they can please them. Teach your Frenchie not to bite when he’s still a puppy. This is a crucial period in their development as they’re learning how to behave properly in the world around them. Biting, among dogs, is a natural behavior. It is their way of exploring their surroundings and establishing their dominance in the pack. But since they’re living with humans, we have to control their biting behavior so that they won’t cause any hurt or damage around them and maintain a peaceful relationship at home.

Teaching him not to bite
To teach your French Bulldog not to bite, you’ve got to teach him who’s boss. You’re the boss and he should follow you. To do this, you have to act a certain way around your doggo. Walk ahead of him as you’re approaching a door or make him understand that his food comes from you. Be intentional about your actions to establish that you’re the leader. Your Frenchie will inevitably bite you when you’re playing with him. When he bites you playfully or accidentally, make sure you react properly. Tell him “No!” with a firm tone and take away your hand. You can also act like you’ve been hurt and make your hand go limp and make an ouchie sound. Your Frenchie will be taken aback, startled as to why you’re hurt and apologetic over causing you pain. At this time, you can ignore him for a few minutes to make him realize that what he did was unacceptable. This will teach him not to bite because you’re withdrawing the attention that he craves for when that’s all he wants in the first place. You can also use toys to divert his biting behavior. Give him a toy to chew instead when he seems to want to start nipping or biting.

If you’ve got an adult Frenchie as a pet who exhibits biting behavior, don’t worry, it’s not yet too late to teach him to stop biting. These methods apply to him as well – pretending you’re hurt, ignoring him when he bites and diverting his biting behavior through toys. You can also include putting him in a crate or putting on gloves that have a terrible taste. Each time your bulldog bites you, put him in a crate as a time out. Remove him from the situation that makes him excited and wants to bite. Put them in the crate until they calm down. You can also try wearing gloves and put a nasty tasting substance on them so that your bulldog will associate that taste with biting. He’ll realize that biting doesn’t taste good and would not want to bite again so as not to taste that nasty substance again.

There are many ways to teach your French Bulldog not to bite. Just be patient and firm in teaching him that biting is not an acceptable behavior and it will all pay off in the end.

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