Why Does My French Bulldog Stink

It’s so nice to cuddle with your Frenchie all day long or just relish the feeling of having him close to you. But it isn’t so nice when they have an unpleasant smell that you wouldn’t want to be near him at all. After all, no one wants to be with a dog that smells bad. Dogs have a natural smell that furparents have become accustomed to. Their distinct smell is from the sebaceous glands in their skin responsible for producing their natural protective oils that protect their skin. But it’s a different story when they stink so bad that you can’t stand it. This unpleasant smell could be a sign of underlying health and sanitation issues. Let’s try to discuss them one by one.

It could be telling of an ear infection.
The distinctive wide-opened bat ears of French bulldogs make them so unique and cute. But these are susceptible to catching dirt, pollen, and other unwanted particles that can cause ear infection if not cleaned out of their ears. This is why you should clean your Frenchies’ ears regularly. If it has come to the point that a stinky smell comes out of their ears, it means that there is a severe bacterial infection.

It could be caused by a skin infection.
Another distinctive physical attribute of French Bulldogs is their wrinkles on their face and all over their body. Unfortunately, these are also the reason why they are prone to skin infections. Food particles, water, dirt, debris, and other particles can find their way inside these skin folds and settle there. If they’re not taken out, they can cause bacterial infections. Severe skin infections can have pus in them which have a stinky smell. It is very important for you to always check in between the folds of their skin to be sure that there are no dirt and moisture buildup.

It could be caused by a yeast infection.
Certain types of fungi naturally reside on your dog’s skin. However, if your dog has a weak immune system, they can develop yeast infection especially on their skin folds, paws, and ears. Fungi thrive in the dark and moist recesses of your dog’s body. If their yeast infection worsens, it can cause itchiness and lead to wounds and pus.

It can be caused by dental issues.
If you don’t brush your Frenchie’s teeth properly, he could develop plaque buildup and tartar causing his teeth to rot. He will have bad breath. This can be a reason why your dog stinks.

It can be caused by unsanitary living conditions.
You can’t expect your doggo to smell nice when he’s staying in a dirty place. Check his beddings, crate, and play area and make sure they are clean. Your dog’s foul smell might be caused by the stuff he uses and plays with.

These are just some of the most common reasons why your French Bulldog stinks. Check if it’s caused by an ear, skin, or yeast infection, dental issues, or unsanitary living conditions. Always make sure your Frenchie is clean so that he’ll stay fresh and healthy.

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