How to Get Your French Bulldog Puppy to Stop Biting

French Bulldogs are popular all over the world because of their nice demeanor and sweet personality. However, deep inside Frenchies are still dogs who have the natural tendency to bite. They love to bite especially when they’re young. It is part of their teething process and when they’re playing and exploring the world around them. Some pups nip and bite out of fear. Be careful as what could start as playful biting could escalate into a bevahior problem as they get older when you don’t train your dog to stop biting. They could hurt you or the people around you as they have very strong jaws. They can also end up destroying stuff in and out of the house. But don’t worry, Frenchies are highly trainable and you can control their biting behavior when you put patience and dedication on training him.

In general, French Bulldogs are not aggressive and have a great temperament. But as mentioned earlier, they still have a tendency to bite. You should train your French bulldog to stop biting when he is still a puppy so that he won’t develop it into a habit and eventually bring it into adulthood. Start as soon as you take your Frenchie home with you. Show him that you’re the leader otherwise, he’ll try to boss you around. You’ve got to be firm when teaching him not to bite. Your reaction whenever he bites will tell him if it is an acceptable behavior or not. Remember, your French Bulldog always wants to please you so when he sees that you’re not happy about him biting you, he’ll take note of it and would try to avoid this behavior in the future. Just be consistent with your reaction whenever he bites to stop this behavior.

Firmly say “No biting!” or you can say “Ouchie!” out loud and make your hand go limp with an exaggerated reaction to tell him that you’ve been hurt. He’ll stop biting you and move back. Then you can ignore him for a few moments after he does this. Your pup will feel that he has hurt you. By ignoring him, you are withdrawing him the attention that he craves for and this will teach him to stop biting. Stop playing with him when he bites you. Don’t run away or push him off as he would think that you’re still playing with him. Another way to teach your Frenchie to stop biting is by diverting his behavior. Give him a toy he can chew on so that he’ll know which is acceptable to chew on and which is not. Don’t encourage him to bite your hands or feet as he’ll think that it’s okay to bite them. Socialization with other people and pets will also help teach your pup not to bite. He can learn from other dogs on which behaviors are acceptable and they will also get tired from playing with each other which will help calm him down. He’ll also know how to interact with other people when you allow him to meet people outside of your family circle.

To stop your French Bulldog from biting, you can do the ignore method, divert his biting, or socialize him. Whatever training method works for you, don’t ever use force on your pet. This will only encourage fear and aggression which will make the problem worse. Just be firm and consistent in training him to control his biting behavior so that you can have a well-behaved doggo.

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