How often should you bathe a Beagle?

Beagles are adorable scent dogs that have exceptional instincts for tracking. They are compact, medium size dogs that usually come in tricolor or an endless combination of white, black, red, brown, tan, and even lemon. Beagles also have a double coat that is smooth to touch. This coat is waterproof and requires little care.

As a fur parent, of course, you’d want to see your beagle healthy and beautiful at all times. One way to do this is to invest in grooming products that would help you maintain the good looks of your furbaby. You are lucky to have a beagle because, given this dog breed, there is not too much fuss required. You don’t even need to make an effort to bathe your beagle often. Bathing your beagle every 2 to 6 months is already enough for its grooming, not unless your pet decides to roll in mud during its playtime and you need to wash it off. Nevertheless, you need to be thorough when it is already bath time for your furbaby. Ensure to lather gentle dog shampoo thoroughly with your fingers to remove possibly all dirt that got stuck in its coat. For best results, also use a dog conditioner to guarantee your beagle’s soft and shiny coat.

Your beagle doesn’t have long hair like some other dog breeds which means that trimming is not really that necessary. But you could still do so in some parts where hair growth is extra thick especially on the furs covering their paw pads just to tidy it up a little and to prevent debris from sticking into it as your beagle engages in various activities. Amid short hair, however, it would be in your favor to brush the hair of your beagle at least every other day to remove excess hair and dirt particles stuck in it. You’ll find that this would help the coat of your beagle look healthy and clean at all times.

If you are going to think of grooming your beagle, you should not just focus on the coat. You should also take into consideration its other parts that require personal care such as its ears and teeth. There is an available ear cleaning solution for dogs that you can get from the pet store or the vet which would keep at bay potential ear infection that your beagle may experience. Remember that your beagle’s ears is floppy and droopy. Because of this, you will find that air circulation is not always great in this part of the beagle’s anatomy, thus, you’d need to pay more attention in cleaning this part. Also, never forget to cut short the toenails of your beagle. Uncut toenails can be painful and could affect their health in the long run. It can even cause infections and other medical issues that you could do without. For best results, there are dog-friendly nail clippers out that that would make cutting the toenails of your beagle uneventful and less tedious.

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