How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy

Frenchies are great pets. They are loving and loyal to their humans. With their cute looks and charming personality, they are easily one of the most popular breeds in the whole world. They love hanging out with people and are great with kids making them the perfect companion dog and family pet. But of course, they don’t instantly come in this package. You need to train them so that they will know how to behave properly inside and outside the house and with other people and pets.
Training your Frenchie can be challenging. They can be quite stubborn at times. But don’t worry, French Bulldogs are very trainable because all they want to do is to please their humans. So, with the right motivation and proper guidance, you can train your Frenchie to be a well-mannered dog that everyone will surely love.

French Bulldogs are intelligent and quick to learn. The key is always to start when they’re young or as soon as you take them home with you. Basically, you need to train your French Bulldog how to socialize and where to go potty. Socialization is to curb their aggression towards other people and potty training is to avoid mess and accidents around the house. You will need a leash, crate, and treats for training him. A leash is important even when you’re training him inside the house so that he won’t wander off when he gets bored. Yes, your Frenchie will get bored easily so make sure you keep your training sessions fun and short. Limit them to 1 to 2 minutes only. When he complies with your command, praise him and give him a reward such as his favorite treat to end your session. You need to introduce him to his crate because it will be his safe place whenever he wants to be by himself or you can’t be around to spend time with him.

Experts say you should socialize your French Bulldog puppy as soon as he reaches 14 weeks old. They see this as a crucial stage for training to be effective and say that beyond this, it would be harder to train your pup to socialize as he would develop feelings of fear and anxiety towards other people. Introduce your Frenchie to other people and pets. Do this gradually. Just take him outside where he can be near other people and observe your pup. If he approaches another person nicely, give him a treat and tell him he’s a good boy. You can also ask the other person to give him a treat. But if your pup seems afraid of other people, give him a chance to calm down and reassure him that everything’s okay. When he’s calm enough, you can try to let him approach the other person again.

Potty Training
Your Frenchie has a small bladder which means that he needs to go potty more frequently. Observe your pup’s bathroom needs. Take him to the spot where he can go potty frequently throughout the day and tell him “Go potty.” If he poops or pees on the right spot, reward him and praise him for his behavior. Have a regular schedule for his mealtimes so that you will know when he needs to go potty. You can also put him on a crate when you can’t supervise him. If he poops or pees anywhere else, make sure you clean it thoroughly so he won’t be able to mark that spot.

Put in a lot of patience and fun along the way, and you’re guaranteed to have a well-behaved doggo. For sure, you’ll be able to spend sweet, happy, and peaceful moments together for a long time.

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