What Is the Difference Between Boerboel and Bullmastiff

What Is the Difference Between Boerboel and Bullmastiff

It’s amazing how dog breeds have unique characteristics that set them apart from each other. But while some dog breeds can easily be recognized due to obvious physical distinction, others are harder to name from other dog breeds with similar attributes. One good example is the Bullmastiff and Boerboel.

If you are not very familiar with their breeds, it is easy to mistake a Bullmastiff for Boerboel, and vice versa. They look almost the same at first glance especially since their height is almost the same at 24 to 28 inches. They are both large dogs belonging to the working dog group packed with power and large heads that make them look intimidating. They are both great family dogs also given their affectionate nature which makes them good especially with children. But although there are instances when it is hard to tell them from each other, Bullmastiff and Boerboel have their distinct characteristics.

Bullmastiff and Boerboel, although looks the same, have different origins and history. They also have different personalities and even if not too obvious, have a slight variation in terms of their looks.

Bullmastiff traces its history back to England as guard dogs against poachers. Boerboel, on the other hand, originated from South Africa to work at farms. Considering this history, it is not anymore surprising why they look so intimidating at first glance. They are bred to scare intruders at first glance. Although both breeds have the same height, Boerboels are a lot heavier weighing an average of 120-180 lb to the 90-130 lb of the Bullmastiff. Considering owner experience, both breeds are good family dogs but Bullmastiff remains to be a popular choice over Boerboels especially for new owners. The latter is discouraged for inexperienced fur parents since they are not easy to handle given their highly territorial temperament and independent nature that can be challenging if they can’t categorize their owner as their ‘alpha.’ If new owners insist, then might as well prepare themselves for the challenge because amid them, the reward would be priceless.

Both Bullmastiff and Boerbels have almost the same coat. But a closer look reveals that Boerboels’ is a lot shinier and smooth. Theirs also require effortless grooming and their coat comes in brindle cream, reddish brown, and red tawny when compared to the fawn red and brindle coats of Bullmastiff. When walking both Bullmastiff and Boerbels, you should pay attention more on the latter because they tend to satisfy their wanderlust, even running away from home at times. Also, Boerboels are a lot aggressive towards other dogs since they were historically used in dog fights.

Boerboels and Bullmastiffs can be the best furbabies with the right amount of care and training. No matter what you choose between the two dog breeds, just keep in mind that they need enough attention for them to achieve their maximum potential.

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