Bull Terrier

How to Train a Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier is a dog breed that is easily recognizable because of the shape of its egg-shaped head where the top skull looks almost flat. The color of its coat varies from solid white, red, black, brindle, or even a mixture of all or any of these. Bull terriers are stubborn by nature and a dog breed that is used to doing things on its own. Thus, they need to be trained well as early as possible to ensure that they can integrate themselves smoothly to any homes. When training is done right, you’ll find that Bull Terriers can be a good family member since they are fun-loving by nature, friendly, and even protective to its family members.

As previously mentioned, you are doing more good than bad by starting the training of your Bull Terrier as early as possible. One of the training styles that works is positive reinforcement which is done with avoidance of punishment as much as possible. Instead, your Bull Terrier receives praises, treats, and rewards whenever it meets the set behavior you are training them for i.e. responding to commands such as sit, stand roll over, and fetch. Note that when starting your Bull Terrier it is also important to associate your commands with consistent gestures like turning your back from them when they are barking incessantly to communicate that it is not good behavior. Over time, you’ll find that with consistency and continuous practice, your Bull Terrier would just learn to respond to your command by themselves.

When training your Bull Terrier, it is best to keep an open mind. They do not learn overnight. Training your Bull Terrier would require never-ending patience, hard work, and a positive outlook even when the training is not going out as planned. Another tip is to make the training of your Bull Terrier short. Ideally, it should not exceed 20 minutes for maximum benefits and you should ensure that they are feeling well and alert while you do it. If you observe that your Bull Terrier looks a little lethargic and not as responsive, then give it first the care it needs and start the training another day. Pushing it to go through obedience training when it is under the weather would not do you good since it would not be as responsive and would even be stubborn and resistant to your commands.

Aside from responding to your commands, it is also important to start socialization training with your Bull Terrier. The ideal age to start is when they are still a few weeks old. This allows them to get along with people and other pets especially if they need to live side by side with the latter. You’ll find that Bull Terriers who are not trained to socialize are more aggressive especially in responding to new introductions and their environment.

Some people claim that Bull Terriers are not for beginner pet owners. However, with the right training and hard work, you’ll find that Bull Terriers are just as easy as any other dog breeds.