How to Potty Train a Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are nice to have inside the house. That is if they’re properly potty trained or else you’ll have to deal with a lot of mess and get busy cleaning up all over the house. This is why it is important to potty train your Boston as soon as you bring him home. They are smart dogs and highly trainable so this is good news for all new furparents out there.

Observe your dog
When potty training your Boston Terrier, you have to observe his bathroom habits. A small breed of dogs like Bostons have a faster metabolism and need to go potty more often. Determine those times when he needs to go potty as well as his behavioral signs telling you when he needs to poop or pee and respond immediately to avoid any accident. Boston Terriers are known for being sneaky and mischievous. Keep a close eye on them so they don’t wander off and go potty on the wrong spot. Always be there for your Boston Terrier so that you can guide him. Be patient, firm, and consistent with your puppy when potty training him.

Here’s how you can potty train your BostonTerrier:
Choose his toilet spot and take him there to poop or pee. Use rewards for positive reinforcement of this good bathroom habit. Praise him when he poops or pees on the correct spot. Use a cue word for him to go potty. Shower him with affection or give him a treat whenever he does his bathroom needs at the right spot.

Choose your designated bathroom spot for your pup and take him to this spot often especially during those times when he’s most likely to pee or poop such as after waking up, mealtime, and playtime. Or you can also take him there every hour. If your Boston Terrier doesn’t use the potty when you take him there, you can take him back after 15 minutes so that he can try again. This is a little time-consuming at first but this will give you an idea regarding his bathroom needs. Over time, you will observe the signs he gives you when he wants to go potty. Praise him when he poops or pees in the right spot. Remember, your doggo wants to please you so hearing your praise will let him know that he’s doing the right thing. Use a cue word when you take him out to his spot like “Go potty!” and when he relieves himself upon your command, praise him, give him treats, or shower him with affection to reinforce his good potty habit. This will help you manage your time later on so that he knows what he needs to do when you take him to his toilet spot and won’t just go playing around. Boston Terriers thrive on routine and they will learn quickly. Be calm and consistent all throughout the process so that you will have a potty-trained Boston Terrier in no time.

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