How Do You Potty Train a Boston Terrier

Getting a dog is simply fulfilling not only because of their tricks that can entertain you but also because of the unconditional love they can provide to the whole family. They can be a protector and your best friend. They are proven to be good companions as well over time. This is most especially if you have a friendly and affectionate dog such as a Boston Terrier. It is hard to not love this dog, particularly with its handsome looks. However, getting a dog is not as easy as it seems because a pet owner also has the responsibility to house train them which includes potty training.

Potty training your Boston Terrier is perhaps one of the first things you should teach your pet. Not putting this in your priority list means that you’re in for stinky potty accidents all-around your house in the future which could be a messy business. Note that the mess this scenario creates is not the only issue. Dog poop and urine, when not tended to immediately, could cause unsanitary conditions that can lead to health problems for you and your dog in the future. As such, you are fortunate that Boston Terriers are dog breeds that are smart and highly trainable.

When potty training a Boston Terrier, you should start as early as possible so they can easily adapt a routine. Normally, owners consider 6-months old as the ideal age to start potty training their furbabies. Start the training by establishing a potty schedule so this can be adopted as a habit by your pet. Choose an ideal spot where your pet can comfortably do its thing without being disturbed and make sure to bring your Boston Terrier there as frequently as every hour so you can check the interval between each peeing and pooping. The spot should be the same every time so your dog could associate it to its “bathroom” which can trigger its fast and hassle-free elimination.

It should be noted that there are instances when your Boston Terrier goes ahead of the schedule. One way to know if your pet already needs to go is by being familiar with its tell-tale signs. This is not the same for all Boston Terriers but among the signals include running in circles, whimpering, sniffing for the right spot, and scratching the door. You may not recognize the signals at first glance but over time, you will see what your Boston Terrier usually does before they do their thing. This will help you out in ensuring that you meet your doggo’s potty needs and no messy accidents will happen in the future.

The task of potty training your Boston Terrier can be daunting. It requires a lot of patience, understanding, and perseverance that when properly executed can bring fulfillment to you as a pet-owner. Just remember that dogs learn by going through a routine so this should strictly be in place as you potty train your Boston Terrier.

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