Why Does My Boston Terrier Stink

The last thing any pet-owner would want is a stinking pet. Sometimes this can be caused by poor hygiene, but there are also instances when this can be brought about by serious issues that need to be addressed by more than just proper grooming. If you have a Boston terrier, then you may even observe that it is smelling like Fritos. While some people who love the snack do not find this particularly worrisome, others do especially when the smell grows stronger over time.

If you are wondering why your Boston Terrier smells, then you can attribute this to the growth of yeast that tends to develop for this type of a dog breed most especially if you and your fur baby live in a relatively warm place that causes it to perspire excessively and cause extreme oil development on its skin. This is easy to spot since the tell-tale signs include patches you’ll find on your dog’s skin and non-stop scratching on different parts of its body. Do not even consider ignoring it even if you think that the smell is not bothersome because this could lead to more problems in the future especially if there is already an overgrowth of fungi and bacteria.

Treating the bad smell of your Boston Terrier is not hard. In fact, like all solutions to a bad smell on pets, you could start by regular grooming. You don’t even need to make unnecessary trips to the groomer just to make this happen because you can do this on your own and in the comfort of your home. Start by regularly bathing it especially during the warm weather. Invest in all those gentle anti-fungal, dog-friendly shampoos and trim those hairs you find near your doggo’s paw pads which help propagate bacterial growth. If you observe that the development of yeast is persisting, it won’t hurt to give the vet a visit. The vet would beagle to provide you the right antifungal medications and even advise you of the best practices to stop its growth.

Bad hygiene is also not the only thing that causes the yeast to develop on your doggo’s skin. It is possible that this also has something to do with your Boston Terrier’s diet. Keep in mind that all dog breeds should have a good and healthy diet to help them develop a strong immune system. Their diet should be composed of the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrition needs. Depending on the age of the dog, it’s breed, and the intensity of its daily activity, the amount should also be just right. Be alert of the signs that your doggo may be suffering from food allergies as this can also be causing the persistence of yeast on your dog’s body. If you get the diet right, then you are already on the right track of resolving the Frito-like smell on your Boston Terrier. You can make your furbaby smelling good at all times.

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