How to clean chihuahua ears?

How to clean chihuahua ears?

Proper care is needed for your Chihuahua’s ears. It is recommended that furparents check their little pet’s ears at least once a week. Don’t overdo it because you might upset the natural pH balance inside your Chi’s ears. Some owners rely on their vet or pet groomers to have their Chi’s ears cleaned because they don’t know how to do it themselves. Some are too afraid to try while some forget about it altogether. Cleaning your Chi’s ears shouldn’t be that hard and furparents need not be afraid to do this task. The key is in getting both you and your furry friend relaxed during the procedure as this is just a regular part of your grooming routine.

To clean your Chi’s ears, you just need to use a piece of cotton dipped in an ear cleaning solution. Pull the flap of your pet’s ear back and gently remove the dirt or excess earwax under the flap and inner ear. But you shouldn’t go too deep as you might hurt your little buddy. Once you’re done, close the flap of their ear then you can massage the base of their ears. Let your Chi shake his head after you clean his ears to remove the excess ear cleaning solution, wax or gunk out. You can also use lukewarm water if you don’t have any ear cleaning solution with you. It’s not recommended to use cotton swabs or pads because they might leave some fibers in your doggo’s ears. Don’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide when cleaning as these are too strong for your pet’s sensitive skin.

This little breed of doggos with erect ears aren’t really prone to ear infections. But infections can happen especially without proper ear care. Signs and symptoms of an ear infection include scratching his ears, shaking his head aggressively, redness, yeast-like odor, pus or discharge coming out of his ears. There might also be loss of hair around the ears, hearing loss, or your Chi’s ears may feel warmer than usual. You might also notice your pet behaving erratically like continuous whining and whimpering, rolling on the floor, or running in circles. When your Chi manifests these symptoms, you should have it checked by the vet. Your vet will conduct a thorough cleaning of your furbaby’s ears and use either anti-bacterial or anti-fungal products depending on what caused your Chi’s ear infection. Follow your vet’s instructions as you probably need to do this at home for the next few weeks to fully rid your pet’s ears from any infection.

Clean your pet’s ears regularly and take good care of your Chihuahua’s ears to avoid getting infections. Let them proudly show off those clean pointy ears anytime.

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