How to Train an American Bulldog

How to Train an American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are great pets. They get along well with members of the family especially the kids. They just love being around people and animals. They are not the best watchdogs out there but they are the most loyal companions your family will surely have. But of course, you’ve got to train them first for them to know which behaviors are acceptable or not. This is to ensure that you and the people around you will enjoy your pet’s company all the time.

American Bulldogs are known for being quite stubborn so you’ve got to train them well to keep their behavior in check. The good news is that they are very intelligent and highly trainable. Training your American Bulldog can be quite a challenge but the rewards are priceless.

Training your American Bulldog will require a lot of patience and dedication from your end. Reward him for obeying your command and divert his attention when he’s doing something you don’t like. To train the strong-willed American Bulldog, you’ve got to show him you’re in charge otherwise, he will take over. For example, when walking through doors, you should be ahead of him or don’t allow him to eat unless you’ve permitted him to do so. This will let him know that you’re the leader. It is best to start training him when he’s still a puppy so that he will develop into a well-behaved adult dog. This will help prevent behavioral problems that you have to deal with if you don’t train him early.

Tips for training your American Bulldog
Get a collar for your pet as soon as you bring him home with you. This will help you control his behavior during training. Use rewards and diversion when training him. For example, you want to control his chewing behavior. Firmly tell him “No” and divert his attention to something else such as his favorite toy. Or when your puppy follows your command, reward him such as praising him for being a good boy and showering him with affection. Some furparents give treats to their pets during training. While these are great motivators, they can send the wrong message to your dog. If they follow your command to get a treat, that means he is still in charge of his behavior, not you. You should also allow your pet to socialize with other people and animals so that he will know how to interact with them.

It may be challenging to train a strong-willed and stubborn American Bulldog but once they have mastered your commands, expect that they will remember and understand them perfectly. Thus, you’ll have an obedient and well-mannered companion dog all the time. Remember, training your American Bulldog is not really about teaching him different commands but it’s more about how you live with him – what you allow him to do and what he’s not allowed to do when you’re with him. So always send the right messages to your dog to avoid any problems with his behavior.

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