How to pronounce bichon frise?

Bichon frise is a small breed of dog with thick, curly, or fluffy white hair said to have Mediterranean origins. Their name is pronounced as /bē-ˌshōⁿ-frē-ˈzā/ or BEE-shon Free-ZAY. Because of their name, this breed is often mistaken as a French dog. Bichon frise means a curly lap dog in French.

Bichon frises are companion dogs and will surely bring you lots of love and fun.  They grow up to about 9 to 11 inches in height and weigh around 7 to 12 pounds making them the perfect lap dogs anyone can have. They have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. They may be small but these dogs are sturdy. The American Kennel Club classifies them under the non-sporting group and not among the toy breeds. They are often mistaken as white poodles because of the resemblance in their looks. But the Bichon frise is more related to the Coton de Tulear, the Bolognese, the Havanese, and the Maltese. Bichon frises are always white in color and have black eyes with black noses. They exude a proud and confident aura because of their arched necks and beautiful tails that curve so gracefully behind their backs. Bichons make a great family dog. They are good-natured, affectionate, and love to play. They also don’t shed which makes them perfect for people with allergies who want to own a dog. They love spending time with their humans so prepare yourself for a whole lot of bonding and cuddling with your Bichon.

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