How often should you bathe a bichon frise?

Your Bichon Frise requires regular baths to maintain his healthy coat and promote coat growth. Proper care and maintenance of your Bichon’s coat is the key to maintaining his regal look and healthy skin. Regular baths will make sure that your Bichon’s coat is clean and free from mats which could damage his coat and hurt your handsome pet.

The frequency of your Bichon’s baths would depend on the need and his lifestyle. Bathe him as you see fit especially when he gets dirty from playing outside. It’s recommended that you bathe him as frequently as once a week or twice a month but not longer than a 3-week interval from the last bath.

To give your Bichon a bath, you will need a dog brush, dog shampoo, cotton balls, and a small hairdryer. You can also use a dog conditioner if you want to. Have his washcloths and towel ready. You start by brushing his coat to remove the knots on his coat. Then, you can put him in the bathtub. You might want to put a rubber mat or towel on the tub so he won’t slip or hurt himself while you’re bathing him. Put a cotton ball on each of his ears to prevent water from going inside his ears. Make sure the water is warm. Wet his body but take care not to let the water get into his eyes or nose. Then, put some dog shampoo on your hands and lather it all over his coat. Make sure you reach his rectum under his tail, clean the spaces in between his toes, behind his ears, and under his chin. Then, rinse thoroughly to remove all of the soap off him. You can also use a dog conditioner after this to make his coat softer then rinse again. Wrap him in a towel and take him out of the bathtub. Dry him off. Use a small hairdryer to completely dry his coat. After this, give his coat a gentle brush to make sure that there are no tangles. Then, you’re done!

Make sure you praise your Bichon throughout his bathing experience or give him a treat for cooperating during bathtime so that he will enjoy bath time and won’t give you a hard time.

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