How to groom your bichon frise

Bichon frises are rather high maintenance when it comes to grooming. These cute little dogs require regular grooming to maintain their classy look. Better have your Bichon used to getting groomed so that she won’t get too rowdy during grooming day.

The things you need when grooming your Bichon Frise are a slicker brush, whitening shampoo,  pet grooming clippers and shears, nail clippers, and a blow dryer. Some furparents also use dog conditioner, finishing spray, dental spray, and ear wash for their Bichons but these are optional. When grooming your Bichons, you start by brushing their coat, then bath them, clean their teeth and ears, blowdry, shave their body, and clip their nails.

Start by brushing her coat to remove mats. It is recommended that you brush your Bichon’s coat every day to prevent matting. When you’re done brushing, you can put her in the tub and wet her body from head to toe.  Then lather with whitening shampoo all over her body. Massage gently taking extra care to clean areas of her body prone to stains. Let the whitening shampoo sit for a while to achieve its full effect. For the meantime, clean your Bichon’s ears using a soft washcloth. Remove any dirt and massage her ears. Clean her teeth using a soft toothbrush or a dental spray. Then you can proceed with rinsing off the shampoo thoroughly. If you want a softer coat, use a dog conditioner then rinse again. Dry her up using a towel first then brush her coat and proceed to blowdry her coat. Make sure that the blowdryer is not too hot. When she’s completely dry, brush her coat again before clipping and shaving her coat to achieve the perfect look. Lastly, clip her nails if they’ve gotten long.

Set aside time to groom your Bichon regularly. It is a good bonding activity plus it’ll save you a trip to the groomers and relieve your wallet of additional expense. Happy grooming!

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