How long can a basenji be left alone?

Some pets can be left alone for a long period while some experience extreme separation anxiety when left by themselves even for a short while. Some dogs can patiently wait until their owners come back while some feel sad. Dogs that have separation anxiety can be destructive or cause quite a racket. Wetting the bed, chewing on your new shoe, or barking endlessly can be some of the misdemeanors that can happen when you leave them alone. This can be problematic for furparents especially for those who live in apartments or condominiums. Because of this, some wonder if certain breeds are more predisposed to be left alone than others. Of course, furparents can’t stay with their pooches all the time even if they want to. They have to go to work, school, or go on errands outside. It is during these moments that their doggos’ independence will be tested.

Basenji are good companion dogs but they are also known to be more tolerant of being left alone. They are well-mannered and disciplined. They are also affectionate but not clingy to their owners. They rarely bark which is why they’re also called barkless dogs but this makes them unfit for being a guard dog. They have an independent spirit. They are active dogs but they also feel comfortable in beng inactive and taking it easy. Basenjis are resourceful at play and finding things that would entertain them.  That’s why they’re one of those breeds that can be left alone when their owners have to do something outside the house. Some say you can leave your adult Basenji alone for the whole day but this isn’t really advisable. At most, you can leave your Basenji alone for 4 hours provided that he has access to his basic needs – food, water, and going to the potty. It would also help a lot if he has toys to play with to keep him entertained while you’re gone. Remember, you can only leave your Basenji alone when you’ve earned his trust that you’ll always be back for him.

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Written by Susan Sullinger


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