How often should you get your Australian Shepherd groomed?

How often should you get your Australian Shepherd groomed?

Dogs in general require regular grooming especially if you want their coats to look healthy and shiny at all times. This also helps in getting rid of dirt and matting that could be challenging to remove after a while. But while all dog breeds need regular care in terms of grooming, you’ll find that your Aussie needs it more often given the coat that they have.

One of the most remarkable features of the Australian Shepherd is their look. They come in red and black tricolor, merle, red merle, red, black, and even blue merle that make them stand out in the crowd. They are amazing to look at, especially mixed with unique markings that come in tan and white. Aussie’s have a medium-length coat and generous mane around their neck that you won’t be able to resist grooming. They also have double coats which enable them to withstand the cold weather.

Historically, Australian Shepherds are bred to help in herding the livestock at pastures located in areas that are of high altitudes. The location makes these areas cold most time of the year which makes the double coat of Aussies a good source of comfort and insulation to their body especially during inclement weather. The coat of Aussies also vary in thickness which is why once a week grooming at the very least is necessary to ensure that they won’t suffer from coat problems. If you notice that your Australian Shepherd is beginning to shed, then the frequency of the grooming should be increased to daily, if possible, to ensure that matting would be prevented and excessive tangling. 

Aussie’s grooming can pose its challenges but the best thing is you can do it on your own! No need for expensive trips to the groomers. Just equip yourself with the right pet brushes and combs. For your Australian Shepherd, you should use a slicker brush and a long tooth undercoat rake. With regular use, it would help you maintain the silkiness of your Aussie’s tresses. A good trim would also help you in ensuring that your Australian Shepherd looks good at all times. You can do this by using electric clippers especially at parts that easily acquire dirt such as around the paws. Just make sure to not go over the top because your furbaby would need its coat for protection.

The coat of your Aussie is not the only one you should pay attention to when grooming it. You should give it a bath every few months. You should clip their nails, and care for their ears and teeth. Proper grooming among Australian Shepherd is important not only because it makes your pet look good, but it also guarantees that they are healthy and well at all times.

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