How to Care for Dog Puppies

Taking care of an animal, a pet is a big responsibility, because you have to provide everything for them. It’s best when you adopt them young, so they grow up being used to you and look at you as their owner, or the alpha of the pack, thus being obedient and loyal. In what follows we are going to give you a few pieces of advice about caring for puppies; no matter what breed they are, there are certain things you have to do for them from the moment you bring them home. The first step however, is determining with accuracy whether the kind of puppy you’ve chosen is right for you and your home or family.

If you have children, make sure you choose the kind of dog which is friendly with people, and especially with little ones. For example, Retriever puppies or German shepherd puppies are breeds which are not only easily trainable, but which are also very loyal, friendly and playful. When you bring a puppy home, you have to prepare the house for its arrival as well; make sure that the room you intend to keep it in doesn’t have any valuable objects that it could break, chew or bite. Puppies explore a lot at this age, and they like to test their newly increasing fangs on all sorts of things as well.

Make sure that trash cans in the house can’t be accessed by the puppy, otherwise it will get used to the idea that it can find food in there. As your pup grows and gets increasingly confident in exploring the house and climbing furniture, you should cover windows that it can reach, so no outside people or objects distract it, causing it to bark uncontrollably.

Moreover, when caring for a puppy, you have to spend a lot of time with them, especially since they’ve been introduced to foreign territory. Play with them and caress them and pay a lot of attention to them, especially in the first few days. As for their sleeping quarters, it’s up to you, but the best solution is to place their bed in a room with easily cleaned floors, such as the kitchen. Get a few toys for the puppy, perhaps a blanket, and two bowls for water and food; if you train it from the beginning with a specific spot for meals, at regular times, the dog won’t give you much hassle when it comes to his meal times; in fact, it will most likely remind you when it’s time to feed it.

When you learn how to care for dog puppies, you have to realize they are just as fragile as a child; handle them with care and try not to traumatize them. Some people take a blanket to the breeder’s a few days before bringing the puppy home, so when they eventually do, it can come with a blanket they are used to, and which they associate with home and safety. Finally, give your puppy lots of love and it will love you back unconditionally, for the rest of its life.

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