How much to feed a ten week old border collie?

How much to feed a ten week old border collie?

Knowing how much to feed your Border Collie pup will help you provide him with his specific nutritional requirements that he needs at this early stage of his life. At 10 weeks, you’ve probably just taken your Collie home with you. You are enamored with your new pet and of course, you want to know how to keep him healthy and give him the best start in life. Providing him with a healthy and well-balanced diet will help ensure that he’s on his way to becoming a healthy adult dog and that’s what all furparents want for their pups.

Border Collies are an active and agile breed of dogs. They never seem to run out of energy. As such, they require high-quality and nutrient-dense food to fuel their energy. A well-balanced diet will also ensure that they develop their brain, vision, tissues, bones, muscles, and other parts of their body to the fullest.  A ten-week-old Border Collie still has a small stomach so it doesn’t take much to make him full at this stage of his life. He can be fed with a half cup to 1 full cup of food per day. But it’s not just enough that you feed him any food. You should consider their nutritional content to see if they meet your Collie pup’s needs. Take note that your Collie will also undergo rapid growth during this time so the food you feed him should have high-calorie content as well as proteins to support his growth and development.

When introducing a new diet

It’s best to follow your breeder’s advice regarding your Border Collie’s diet. Breeders know the specific nutritional needs of your puppy. It is also not advisable to feed your Collie with a new food right after you take him home. You can stick to your breeder’s chosen diet for about a month as you give your pup the chance to get used to you and his new environment. And when you do decide to switch him into a different diet, make sure you do so gradually. Introduce the new food by mixing it with his current food, a small amount at first and then increasing the portion as days go by. This will also give you the opportunity to check if he’s adjusting to his new diet well. Stop if you notice any digestive issues or changes in his eating behavior. You can also consult with your vet or nutritional experts to guide you on the best nutrition and proper feeding of your Border Collie puppy.

Remember, do not overfeed your Border Collie puppy so that he won’t have to deal with obesity. This could lead to muscle, bone, and joint problems and you don’t want that to happen to your pup. Keep a regular mealtime schedule. You can divide his food into 2 servings and stick to this schedule to manage his eating behavior. It’s also important that you give plenty of time to play so that he can burn the extra calories but be sure to supervise him during playtime so that he won’t hurt or overexert himself.

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