How much exercise does an australian cattle need?

Australian cattle are one of the most active breeds of dogs. They have a very high energy level. Furparents need to know this so that they can give their pets the right amount of daily exercise to release all that energy otherwise, their excitement and exuberance can be overwhelming. On average, Australian cattle need more than 2 hours of physical exercise a day. They also need a lot of mental stimulation exercises inside the house to keep them busy and entertained. You can do this by training your blue heeler to help with the chores like dragging a mop around to clean the floor or gathering all his toys in one place. You can also have short training sessions throughout the day to reinforce his learning of commands such as sit, down, or stay. This way, you’re stimulating his mind, keeping him busy, and at the same time, training him to be a well-behaved dog which is a win-win situation for you!

Since Australian cattle dogs have extremely high energy and endurance levels, walking them around the block is simply not enough. Your exercise routine should involve some heavy physical exercise. Take him to the dog park regularly so that he can do a lot of running. Or you can exercise with your doggo. Cattle dogs are excellent running companions and they can run more than 5 miles. You can take him hiking with you and embark on an adventure. If you can’t go outside, there are excellent physical exercises you can do with your pet inside your yard. Your blue heeler loves playtime! You can play fetch games with your dog. Throw his ball or Frisbee and let him chase it around. You can also have hide and find games to keep him entertained. Hide his food or treats around the yard and let him hunt them down. Those with limited space can have their cattle dogs go up and down their stairs until they get tired. You can be inventive in keeping your pet occupied.

Knowing your doggos needs regarding physical and mental exercises is essential. It is necessary for the promotion of good physical health, mental relaxation, and encourage a deeper bond between the two of you as you engage in these exercises together. Furparents need to be up to the task before getting this breed. Their lifestyles should be able to accommodate their pet’s needs for daily activity and stimulation to keep them healthy, fit, and happy. But take care not to overdo it as well. Too much exercise can be harmful for your dog. It can cause damage to his muscles, joints, bones, and ligaments. Keep it balanced so that you can guide your dog to his optimum health and development.

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