How do you pronounce Belgian Malinois?

Belgian Malinois are dog breeds that look a lot like a German Shepherd. They are very smart and alert and look strong and elegant in how they stand at 22-26 inches. They have erect black ears and a short coat that comes in black, fawn, and mahogany. Although this dog breed is a good family dog, these dogs are often found with the police force excelling in the detection of explosives and rescue missions, among others. In fact, when you search a little, you will discover that many Mals are quite popular due to the courage and valor they exhibited as working dogs.

From the name itself – Belgian Malinois, it can be gathered that this dog breeds originated from Belgium and is a type of a shepherd dog. They were named after a city Malines, Belgium where they are thought to originate. People who are not familiar with the breed often mispronounce its name. But while “Belgian” can be straightforward, “Malinois” is not. Belgian Malinois is pronounced as (MAL-in-was) but to put it simply, you can also call the breed Mal.

Many would love to have a Mal because they are affectionalte, friendly, and protective. However, this is not a dog for everyone and requires extreme patience especially as they grow. As such, before you get one, you should take into consideration first if this is a dog breed that is a right fit for you.

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