How do you potty train a Bernedoodle?

Potty training your berne is important so that he knows that he can only pee or poop in a designated spot. This is a part of house training your pet so you have to start as soon as you take him home with you. Aside from this will make it easier for you to clean up the mess, it is an important part of training your berne to be well-behaved.

Bernedoodles are very smart dogs. They are not hard to train but it will take constant repetition and consistency to establish his toilet habits. You have to start potty training your Bernedoodle when he is a puppy. Be consistent in your message and reinforce with rewards. Be calm and gentle. Do not punish him or shout at him when he misses his toilet spot. Instead, clean that spot thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner and restart your potty training.

Pick a designated toilet area for your berne and stick with it. If within the house, it can be on his pee pad or if outside, choose a specific area within the yard where he can go potty. This will make it simple for your berne and easy to understand that he can only pee or poop in that particular spot. Understand his bathroom needs. There are specific times when your pet has to go to the bathroom like when they wake up in the morning and after eating his meals. They also exhibit certain behaviors that will tell you that they need to go to the toilet. This could be whining, sniffing, walking in circles, or isolating himself from his owner or crate. Take him to his toilet spot during these times and when he pees or poops in the correct spot, give him a vocal reward or a treat to reinforce this behavior. You can praise him excitedly by saying “Good potty!” Use the same words to praise him each time he potties on the correct spot. Or you can also give him a treat when he does this. Do this every time he has to go to the toilet – put him in his toilet spot and give him a reward, it can be vocal or treat or both, when he pees or poops in the right spot. Consistency is key in establishing this behavior. You can create a schedule for his bathroom time and stick with it. If you can’t be with your pup for an extended period of time, put him inside his crate so that he won’t mess up the house. Dogs regard their crates as a sacred and relaxing place so they won’t mess it up. Put toys inside so he can play with them but don’t leave food or drinks as these will trigger his need to go potty.

It can take weeks or months to fully potty train your Bernedoodle. It depends on your availability to teach him this behavior, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Stick with the plan and he’ll be potty trained effectively.

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