Facts About The Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed

Heritage and Registry

History of Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff

There are various theories on how Fila Brasileiro or the Brazilian Mastiff came to be. While some claim that its origin could be traced to the cattle farms in Brazil as evidenced by its name, others believe that it is a product of the breeding of the Bulldogs, English Mastiffs, and even Bloodhounds in the 60s which was made evident by its physical characteristics.

What is indisputable though is that the Fila Brasileiro dog breed was bred to be a hunter. It does not only hunt cattle and big predators but slaves that have escaped as well.

Fortunately, despite the intimidating aura of a Fila Brasileiro, it doesn’t really attack its prey. Instead, it just traps and holds it down until its master arrives.

You will not find a Fila Brasileiro in many households. In fact, it is even categorized under rare dog breeds. It is also banned or restricted in many countries because of its natural dominance which indicates that it is not for every fur parent.

However, know that when you train it right, especially from puppyhood, it could be your most loyal friend. It will never leave you behind and would willingly protect you at all costs.


Unfortunately, Fila Brasileiro doesn’t get any recognition from major canine clubs such as the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.

Among the reason for the absence of recognition include its incompatibility with the sports being introduced particularly by the American Kennel Club. Another reason would also be its known aggression towards strangers which the American Kennel Club does not tolerate.

Nevertheless, there are still clubs that do recognize the breed Fila Brasileiro and they are listed below:

  • Brasil Kennel Club (BKC)
  • Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)
  • American Canine Registry
  • America’s Pet Registry
  • Continental Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America Inc
  • National Kennel Club
  • American Canine Association, Inc

General Information on a Fila Brasileiro

  • Height24 to 30 in tall
  • Weight90 to 180 lb
  • Lifespan90 to 180 lb


Aggressive, Wariness around strangers, Energetic, Intelligent, Protective, Loyal, Devoted

Best match

Families with older kids and without other pets, Active and athletic fur parents, Spacious home with an enclosed backyard

Physical Appearance

The Fila Brasileiro dog breed is among the largest dogs you’ll ever meet. It could easily tower over you with it standing between 24 to 30 in tall and weighing around 90 to 180 lb.

Fila Brasileiros are really fearsome dogs with their extremely muscular physiques that would leave no doubt that they could pin down people and animals even larger than it is. Despite this, however, they could still move with stealth and agility which never fails to amaze many.

Fila Brasileiros have heavy heads and powerful jaws. Their chests are wide and hard. They have strong legs. They also have noticeable wrinkles and loose skin in many parts of their body.

The eyes and the nose of Fila Brasileiros are normally dark in color. Their ears are medium length and droopy but there are times when they folded back also.

When it comes to the coat of a Fila Brasileiros, you’ll find that they are on the short side. They could be soft and could come in a variety of solid colors such as apricot, black, and red. They could come in brindle too (black and fawn coat). Some are even accentuated with various types of markings, particularly on the face.

It should be noted though that too much white markings are not accepted to the Fila Brasileiro’s breed standard. But of course, this doesn’t affect the overall look of the Fila Brasileiro that you will get.

The type of coat of a Fila Brasileiro would make good protection against mild weather. Too much cold and you will need to be conscious of giving it a blanket or an additional layer of clothing for protection.

The short coat of a Fila Brasileiro wouldn’t also mean that it does not shed. In fact, they do it regularly albeit just moderately. To prevent this from going everywhere, might as well up the ante of brushing your fur baby during shedding season.



The coat type of a Fila Brasileiro would mean that it wouldn’t need much maintenance in terms of brushing.

It sheds, yes, which means that you need to increase brushing your fur baby every once in a while. But most of the time, you can just do away with brushing it even once a week using a bristled brush.

No need to invest in gaudy grooming products such as those with detangling properties. However, brushing your Fila Brasileiro still shouldn’t be overlooked.

Despite the short hair of your fur baby, brushing it regularly still have its perks. For one, particularly if you don’t really plan to bathe it as much, brushing your pet dog would help maintain the cleanliness of its coat. It would help remove all dirt, and debris that get stuck in its coat.

Brushing also keeps the dead dog hair from spreading everywhere in your home. It helps spread out evenly the natural oil your Fila Brasileiro produces. Lastly, it could serve as a good bonding experience as well with you and your pooch.

Intimidating it may be, Fila Brasileiro is still a tactile creature. It enjoys the attention and craves your touch. Thus, it would be rare that it won’t welcome you brushing it.

But just in case your Fila Brasileiro belongs to that small percentage of doggos that are not very receptive to being brushed, then it is likely that it has a bad experience linked to it or it is just not used to it. If this is the case, you could also motivate it with rewards to change its mind.

Doing this would make your Fila Brasileiro associate the activity with something it would enjoy. Likewise, you could also start brushing your fur baby while it is young. This would help acclimate it so it could come to expect it as a part of its routine.


Bathing a Fila Brasileiro doesn’t also need to be as frequent. While there are fur parents who prefer to bathe it every 6 weeks, there are also those who do it only whenever necessary – sometimes even as far as every 3 months at a time. They only wipe their fur babies thoroughly in-between to clean them.

Bathing a Fila Brasileiro often could do more bad than good. Like other dogs, its skin has the capability of producing a natural oil that keeps its skin moisturized and looking healthy. Bathing frequently would most likely result in this oil getting washed away.

When you do wash your Fila Brasileiro, make sure to do it thoroughly but keep its eyes and ears from getting soaked by bathwater. Use a mild dog soap with a good scent. It would also help if it is equipped with anti-flea and tick protection.

Also, you could take the time to ensure that your fur baby is not flea-infested. Check also for any unusual bumps and rashes that would indicate any illnesses such as skin disease. Treat it urgently when you see anything.

It should be noted that a Fila Brasileiro would have wrinkles that need to be washed and dried carefully. Some work is needed to be exerted on this because overlooking the care for this particular part of a Fila Brasileiro would mean skin infection.

Other Grooming Requirements

There are still other grooming requirements a Fila Brasileiro has that its fur parent needs to satisfy. It is understandable that a fur parent may need help in doing this. It’s a good thing that professional groomers are available to help with the task.

But in case you don’t want to take that step and you want to be more hands-on when it comes to the grooming needs of a Fila Brasileiro, then you could also do it on your own.

You can start by investing in a quality nail clipper for dogs. Normally, you need to trim the nails of your fur baby at least every 2-3 weeks. But if you are not sure if it is long enough, then another indicator is when it starts to make a sound against the floor whenever it walks around.

Just remember that dogs are very sensitive when it comes to their paws. One wrong move could hurt its soft skin and cause it to bleed and traumatize your pooch.

The ears of a Fila Brasileiro also need to be cleaned with soft cotton pads and an ear solution at least every week. This is most especially since Fila Brasileiro has droopy ears that can be prone to the propagation of bacteria due to the lack of air circulation.

Just be sure not to use any long and sharp objects when cleaning the ears of a Fila Brasileiro. This could cause permanent damage that it cannot anymore go back from.

An enthusiastic eater such as Fila Brasileiro would need good oral hygiene as well. This would prevent it from developing plaque and dental health diseases. A toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs would help make meeting this grooming need easier.


With the large size of a Fila Brasileiro, it is expected that it would need a lot of food to satisfy it daily. However, it is important not to do it because it easily pile on pounds. Thus, it is vital that its diet is carefully planned.

You won’t want to overdo it because this would just lead to Obesity which could be a starting point to a lot more serious diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and even diabetes. On the other hand, you won’t want to underfeed your fur baby as it may cause it to be undernutrition.

Ideally, 3 to 4 cups of high-quality kibble would work well for an average-sized Fila Brasileiro. This should be made up of whole grain and not fillers.

If you don’t want your fur baby to eat dry dog food then other options would be wet food, cooked food, and even a raw diet. Choosing the latter, know that a Fila Brasileiro would need about 3-6 lb of good meat and bones every day.

If you prefer cooked food, then know that you need to keep in mind that this would require time and effort, especially for planning and food prep. Just any type of cooked food won’t do for a Fila Brasileiro especially since there are ingredients that could be poisonous to it. So you may still need to consult your vet for advice.

One thing that is sure of is that it should be low in carbohydrates and high in protein. It should also include only good fat and food rich in vitamins and minerals.

The recommended amount of food for a Fila Brasileiro could still change depending on its needs and activity level. Increase or decrease it accordingly depending on how much your fur baby is getting a bit round in the stomach or showing more pronounced ribs.

The nutritional requirement of a Fila Brasileiro varies depending on its life stage. As a pup, it may need to be fed only with puppy formula that would aid its growth and development. This will change when it reaches its fully mature state and when it is already in its senior years.

The recommended feedings schedule of an adult Fila Brasileiro would be about 2 to 3 times a day during its fully adult phase.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is a good way to help your Fila from getting bored and from developing destructive tendencies.

Like other dogs, it also gets prone to depression and misbehaviors when its exercise needs are not met. It also tends to go through unnecessary weight gain that may result in more problematic health issues in the future.

On average, a Fila would need about an hour at least of daily exercise. Since it tends to get bored easily, it is recommended that this is distributed into two sessions – in the morning and the afternoon.

Choose a time when it is not too hot so you can avoid making your Fila Brasileiro uncomfortable. This dog breed is very durable so it won’t tire easily. But taking into consideration the effect of the sun during too hot a season, this may have a negative impact on its endurance. Thus, it is important also that it is kept hydrated.

A regular choice of exercise for dogs among fur parents would be walking them in the neighborhood. While a Fila Brasileiro can be happy with this, it won’t hurt to let it go through other activities as well such as a game of fetch, tug of war, and other types of games.

A Fila Brasileiro would also enjoy a swim at a nearby lake dog sports, or agility training. Not only would this add a layer of fun to its daily activities but it is also a good outlet for the excess energy of your fur baby.

However, you should be mindful to start it only with rigorous and strenuous activities when it already reached its fully mature state. In that way, you won’t cause and setback in its full and normal development.

There are Fila Brasileiro that are pushed to the limit even when they are just puppies and their bones are still developing. Its fur parent let it go through training not appropriate for its growing body. The end result is stunted growth and sometimes, even health issues such as Hip Dysplasia.

A Fila Brasileiro would reach its full adult stage at age 19 months to 24 months. This doesn’t mean that you should not train and exercise it before then. This is still important but you can settle first on not-so-heavy exercises and training.

Aside from physical workout, you should also find let it engage in activities that would stimulate its mind. Games like treats hunting and puzzle activities would be a good way to start. More so, buying your pooch interactive toys.


Right Training Approach

Training a Fila Brasileiro is not for an inexperienced dog owner nor is it for the faint at heart. There is a reason why it is among the dog breeds bound by restrictions and with an imposed ban in many countries.

A Fila Brasileiro is a naturally dominant dog that could have aggressive tendencies. This is why from the very start, its fur parent should establish already itself as a pack leader.

Failure to do so would give this pooch an impression that it is in charge and what it says goes. This would make it resistant to training. It is also likely that it would just ignore everything you say.

The good thing about it is a Fila could be extremely trainable. It is very intelligent which could have its pros and cons. It will easily obey you when training is done right. But it could also be really challenging to train because it could be very independent especially when bored.

When training a Fila Brasileiro, it is important that one should use have consistency in the commands and gestures used. There should also be the use of a firm hand.

This shouldn’t however be confused with violence. Yes, there are instances when you do need to reprimand your fur baby. But this doesn’t mean that you need to hurt it or use any other form of intimidation against it. In fact, you’ll find that this dog breed is not particularly responsive to negative reinforcement.

Pushing this type of strategy would just cause more bad than good because not only would this likely break the bond between you and your fur baby, but it could also turn this pooch against you. Note that with the fierceness and size of a Fila Brasileiro, this wouldn’t be a dog to reckon with.

What would work the best would still be the reward-based approach. From the name itself, this entails “rewarding” your fur baby for every desired outcome achieved.

The reward doesn’t need to be just doggy treats every single time. It could also be praises or other things you know it enjoys. In that way, it wouldn’t see the training as just another task it needs to fulfill. It would come to enjoy it and maybe even consider it as an activity to look forward to.

Another tip to make the training of a Fila Brasileiro successful is to, of course, start young. The gesture doesn’t really need to be big early on. It could just start by correcting bad habits so these won’t persist as it grows and matures.

The common mistake among fur parents is they spoil their fur babies while they are young. Admittedly, it’s really hard to resist the cuteness of any puppy. However, fur parents should resist because this would just cause more problems they wouldn’t want to deal with in the future.

Training a Fila could be wonderful and fulfilling because when done right, it could be your very own security detail. But unlike with other dogs, the fur parent of this pooch should be 100% dedicated to devoting a large amount of time to its training for it to be successful.

If you think you can’t and still want one, then you should have bucks to spare in getting the service of a professional trainer. Not being able to train a Fila Brasileiro properly would be a recipe for disaster.

Basic Training

Taking into consideration the possibility of aggression from a Fila Brasileiro, it just makes sense that among the most important things that its fur parent should teach this pooch would be basic obedience training. Its ability to respond to commands such as stop, no, heel, sit, rollover, and stand would keep it and the people around it safe particularly since a Fila has a large prey drive.

When you do start training your fur baby, it would be more effective if you will just do it in short intervals. Doing it for about 5 to 15 minutes per session would give you better results than when you push your Fila Brasileiro to go through an hour of training in one go.

The reason behind it is that you have a higher chance of maintaining your dog’s focus if the training session is short. Considering its attention span, a Fila Brasileiro would only focus on you when it thinks what you are doing is interesting. If something else snags its attention during training, you would have a difficult time having it back.

You should also house train your Fila Brasileiro. Teach it the basic such as the right and wrong place to pee and potty. Not only could this keep the cleanliness of your home but it would keep you from needing to clean up after it every single time. The last thing you would want is to step outside of your bedroom at night and step on a not-so-good surprise.

House training is pretry easy for a Fila Brasileiro. You just need it to establish its own routine. You could do this by plotting a schedule on when you need to bring your fur baby out to do its business.

The effective schedule that is known to work is every after meals, before it sleeps at night, and in the morning upon waking up. When you follow this religiously, your Fila Brasileiro would soon realize what you want it to do.

With how big a Fila Brasileiro can be, it is also important to let it go through leash training. This would help keep it from dragging you around as you make your daily walks. It is not really difficult to be carried away by its strength. Its body is packed with power that could take down predators larger than it is.


Socialization training is another type of training that you shouldn’t overlook. A Fila Brasileiro has an innate ability to be aggressive towards strangers and this is one way to curb it.

Is it difficult? No. In fact, it is far from it. You just need to simply let it mingle and socialize not only with other pets but also with other people as well.

You can do this by bringing it to a dog park regularly. You could also introduce it when you are with friends. Likewise, play dates with other dogs in the neighborhood would do the trick.

Just be sure that you will not make your Fila Brasileiro feel uncomfortable in the process. When its body language is already expressing to you its discomfort, might as well terminate the contact immediately as this could only result in aggression.

Over time, when you let your pooch consistently do this, it would just get used to the interaction. But don’t force it until it is ready.

Doing this would help build its confidence in different situations. It would teach your pooch that not all strangers automatically mean danger. Further, it would also help it better discern what is dangerous or not.

Overall, it would help your Fila Brasileiro be a well-rounded dog.

In case you want a better and more thorough way to socialize your Fila Brasileiro, you could also enroll it in a puppy kindergarten class.

Health Concerns

All purebreds are susceptible to developing hereditary health issues and a Fila Brasileiro is no different. Among the health concerns, it could suffer from are the following:

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia are disorders affecting the skeletal makeup of a Fila Brasileiro. While the former impacts the ball and socket joints at the hind part, the latter affects the set of bones making up the elbows of its forelegs.

The reason why Dysplasia happens is that either the bones connecting the hip or elbow joints of a Fila Brasileiro are not a perfect fit for each other. Thus, instead of working together, they rub against each other which could cause pain and result in arthritis later on.

Depending on the Dysplasia your Fila Brasileiro has, the symptoms would include limping and lameness on the affected part. It may exhibit no motivation to move especially if it is experiencing pain. Further, when it does move, it may move in a swimming motion for Elbow Dysplasia and in a bunny hopping motion for Hip Dysplasia.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia have no cure but treatments are available to manage them and prevent them from worsening. Said disorders are hereditary but could also be due to overexertion and injuries


Bloat is a life-threatening condition that could affect Fila Brasileiro. It is when its stomach gets distended due to air and fluid accumulation. What happens next is the stomach flips over which disrupts the blood flow resulting in the affected Fila Brasileiro going into shock.

This could cause death within minutes when not treated urgently. Even if a Fila Brasileiro is treated, there are times when it causes irreparable damages.

While theories suggest that it could be caused by eating too much and too fast in one go and engaging immediately in strenuous exercises afterwards, this has no basis.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Fila Brasileiro is also prone to heart diseases such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy. This is when its heart enlarges and weakens which causes an abnormality in the organ’s capability to pump blood.

Among the symptoms of this health condition would include lethargy, fainting episodes, and labored breathing. Usually, this disease could be treated by medications and the right diet.


There is no assurance whether or not your Fila Brasileiro would get any of the above-mentioned. But just in case, regular checkups to the vet could help spot any developing symptoms and treat them to avoid escalation.


For a big breed like the Fila Brasileiro, you can expect its average life expectancy to be anywhere between 9 to 12 years. Quite short right? But trust that it would be one to remember.

Nevertheless, there are Fila Brasileiros that are known to live longer. It is possible as long as they are healthy and their healthy lifestyle is sustained. The key is in the hands of their fur parents.

Fila Brasileiro Temperament

The temperament of a Fila Brasileiros is a misunderstood one. These dogs are believed to be naturally aggressive but did you know that not as many biting incidents are associated with them as compared to other breeds of dogs?

If you are going to analyze it further, they are not just very friendly when it comes to strangers. But this could still be curbed as long as their fur parents are dedicated to spending time training them from puppyhood.

When training and socialization in Fila Brasileiros are properly done, one will find that it is one of the most loyal dogs around. Unfortunately, not many are capable of embracing the task of training quite a headstrong and dominant dog.

A Fila Brasileiro is energy-packed. Its fur parent should never run out of idea on how to entertain it. Whether it is by running around and engaging in various dog sports, or being given a particular work to do.

This is why there are also instances when this dog is tapped for military work. However, they don’t really work well as service and therapy dogs.

A Fila Brasileiro can be very quite and docile. But don’t confuse this with it not being alert because nothing gets past it. Despite its heavy build, it could move really fast to act upon anything that got its attention.

The fearlessness of a Fila Brasileiro is unquestionable. It is up to any type of experience and adventure without the slightest shake.

It also follows that they are very protective of their owner. Even without telling it, this dog will automatically assign itself as its family’s protector. When it does, you won’t have the slightest worry because it takes its job really well.

Training and socialization are not the only factors that could affect the temperament of a Fila Brasileiro. It could also be affected by the environment it grew up in and genetics. Thus, a temperament test is recommended at the very least before you take a Fila Brasileiro home.

Fila Brasileiro As A Family Dog

It cannot be highlighted enough that a Fila Brasileiro is not for every fur parent and likewise, for every type of household. If you don’t have the time to give it the training, exercise, and mental stimulation it needs then you will be better off getting other dog types that would be less intense and would relatively be low maintenance.

If you can, however, then know that a Fila Brasileiro could be your partner and loyal companion.

Ideally, a Fila Brasileiro would be better off with a fur parent that is not new to the job and somebody that is active and athletic. This would benefit both the pooch and the fur parent considering that the former’s exercise requirement could already be included in the latter’s routine.

Talking about saved time, right? Aside from that, a Fila Brasileiro would also be a good companion to any adventures, whether you have regular hiking plans or trips to the beach.

If you are a fur parent with kids, might as well think twice if a Fila Brasileiro would be your dog of choice. This is particularly if your kids range from toddlers to before teen years.

It may serve as a good companion for kids if trained well, but if not, the result could be disastrous. However, if you still want this pooch, then make sure that boundaries are set for both the kids and the pooch.

Kids should be taught how to handle this kind of dog in a way that would not trigger its feeling of aggression arising from being territorial. Kids should also know not to aggravate a Fila Brasileiro to prevent accidents and injuries.

Due to its high prey drive, a Fila Brasileiro may not be the perfect dog if you have other pets at home, especially those that are small. Depending on the Fila Brasileiro you have, this may or may not be something that training could address.

The size of a Fila Brasileiro means that it would be happier living in a spacious home with a fenced-in backyard. This would also be good for its owner because it could release its pent-up energy and entertain itself even if you are doing your errands and other business. So less work for you.

Just ensure that the fence is sturdy and high enough that it couldn’t be overcome by a powerful Fila Brasileiro for the safety of everyone. This pooch just loves to give a chase and wouldn’t mind a fence it could vault over.

A Fila Brasileiro would also not be a good small space dweller so it may not be suitable if you are living in a condo or in a small apartment. Its size is already one reason. Add its natural high energy level and it can be prone to breaking a piece of furniture or two whenever it gets too excited. This is even if there is a nearby dog park where it could freely get its daily exercises.

The Cost of Getting a Fila Brasileiro Puppy

Purchase Price

If you think you could take on having a Fila Brasileiro, then know that getting one would cost you about USD1000 to USD1500. The price would depend on the pedigree, rarity, and even the breeder whom you will get it from. It could still also be affected by factors like whether or not it is supported by registration papers.

A Fila Brasileiro with characteristics based on the standards acceptable for this mastiff breed is known to cost more. The price would further go up if it is with rare coloring and will be bought from a licensed breeder.

But you wouldn’t really want to settle for less considering the upfront cost. Granted, the price could be a little lower compared with reputable breeders when you will choose to source it out from puppy mills but would you really take that risk?

It should be noted that Fila Brasileiro puppies from puppy mills or backyard breeders are not known to be ethical in breeding dogs. They don’t really control in place to ensure the quality of the Fila puppy they produce.

The end result? Puppies that are in poor condition.

The bad side is that you would only realize this later on when you already spent too much money on rehabilitating it and on its medical expense. Note that the latter doesn’t come cheap particularly if you don’t have any pet insurance.

A reputable and good breeder doesn’t work like this. In fact, they have a strict breeding program in place that would ensure the good quality of the Fila Brasileiro puppy that you will take home starting from the necessary vetting to the parent breed that will be crossed, down to the health check conducted upon the birth of the litter. A reputable breeder would even ensure that primary care is provided to the pups.

You may be paying for a bit more but know that you are paying for the quality supported usually by health and temperament checks.

Considering the Shelters

Breeders won’t be your only source if you want to get a Fila Brasileiro. You could also get one from a nearby doggy shelter if you are lucky.

Unfortunately, even if Fila Brasileiros are not cheap dogs, they also end up in shelters due to various reasons.

Other Costs

It can be exciting actually bringing a Fila Brasileiro puppy home but before you do, you have to take into consideration first all the responsibilities involved. This is just not the implicit cost but all the explicit costs as well.

Note that this could cost more than a couple thousand dollars during the first year and an average of a thousand for its succeeding annual expenses which will cover its basic necessities at the very least. Said necessities do not include yet additional services such as grooming, training, and the like.

All of this should factor into your budget to ensure that your Fila Brasileiro will have a comfortable life.


It is okay if you want to have a Fila Brasileiro dog breed. But like what is emphasized in this article, this is not for everyone considering its training and exercise needs.

If you believe that you are the right person to own a Fila Brasileiro, then know that owning any type of dog breed can be a big responsibility. At the very least its needs should factor into your budget for it to have a good and comfortable life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Fila Brasileiro good family dog?

A: It is not impossible for a Fila Brasileiro, a traditionally bred hunting dog, to be a good family dog as long as it goes through consistent training and socialization from puppyhood. In fact, it could be among the most loyal and devoted dogs there is, acting like a fierce guard dog to its family.

You need to take extra precautions, however, particularly if you have very young kids, small dogs, and other small pets. A Fila Brasileiro has a high prey drive making it prone to chase anyone and anything smaller than it is.

Q: Why are Fila Brasileiro banned?

A: There is an existing restriction and an imposed ban in many countries for the Fila Brasileiro dog breed. The reason behind this is that it is known to be an aggressive dog breed and not very friendly to strangers.

However, it should be noted that even if a Fila Brasileiro can be aggressive and not a very friendly dog, there are relatively fewer biting incidents associated with it as compared with a lot of other dog breeds.

Q: Does Fila Brasileiro bark a lot?

A: A Fila Brasileiro would be a moderate barker. It doesn’t really bark incessantly unless not exercised sufficiently, but trust that it would alert you of any danger whenever necessary. This is why it is considered as a good watchdog.

Q: How much is the cost of a Fila Brasileiro dog?

A: You’d need around USD1000 to USD1500 if you are planning to get a Fila Brasileiro. This is normally the upfront price to pay sourcing your Fila Brasileiro puppy from a reputable breeder.

However, aside from this, you should not also forget about its upbring cost which would normally cost you over a thousand bucks annually. Taking this into consideration and including this in your budget would ensure that your Fila Brasileiro would have a comfortable life.