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How do I get my border collie to stop whining?

Since your Border Collie dogs can't talk, they do things to let us know how they're feeling such as whining. Dogs whine to communicate...

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How much to feed a ten week old border collie?

Knowing how much to feed your Border Collie pup will help you provide him with his specific nutritional requirements that he needs at this...

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At what age should a female border collie be spayed?

A common concern for those with female Border Collie dogs is whether they will have them spayed or not and if they have decided...

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What is the best food for border collie puppies?

Furparents often ask what is the best food for their Border Collie puppies. Of course, they want the best for their beloved pets to...

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How to train a border collie to herd?

Border Collies are herding dogs. This means herding is innate in them. They like to work and they are highly intelligent so you can...

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